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Imrane Hajdari


elizabeth hay

That’s a lot a Tom

Prince Sakho

I’m scared.


Luke reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg lmao

Jonyappleseed 74

They came to my school

Ashley Acuna

Omg that girl Alexis grabbed that $200 real quick lmao

Psychic Gaming

nip grab 1:22

Jarrett Edwards

How long did it take you to pull it off


Woooo Cowboys!!!




So ein Mist..

tina poole

30 million subs then reveal panda

zRushblackboss [Apex. Fortnite]

I dont like this song the beat is not cool


that´s what i think :D

Zeroisthehero000 Is here


Cr33perc0rn unicreeper

Well u just told a bunch of lol!

Tell me what you think about my story . And tell me YOUR bullying story in the comments section!

Mason Flack


Dax_ Playz

6:49 well look ho we have here a copy of sony.... #WTTONY

UltraViolet 55

I’m crying I don’t want to leave my friends and family but i also don’t wanna die alone I want to meet them up there and be happy....I really hope that happens,Just gotta live life to the fullest because you only got one chance

Tube Show

Fire 🔥🔥🔥 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

(STUDENT)Jesse Martinez

I like the baseball part

Likewise Gamer

I think coby will win 😉

joanna browning

I got my cat when I was 4 and depression when I was 11 whenbi got it my cat noticed it instantly when I was crying she should lay down with me she's the best and it's like our souls are together


A cloud of dust

Kim Jong-Un

no one cares if your first

Brody Miller

I used to be friends with everyone.


Ty during the end credits scene reminds me of a toddler when their mom gives them her phone

Dad:_gets cane_

Monkeyshines Productions

Lex Luther has entered the chat.

Talsong Kingslayer

The justice system is a joke. It doesn't help the victims. It blames them. I have heard many stories from women who was harassed and who went to the police. The police told them that they shouldn't have led the guys on. Even being friendly these days is leading a man on and when you tell then it wasn't meant that way, they harass you and you are blamed for it. That's why women are not friendly to men nowadays. It's taken as something it isn't and it has led to assault and death to those poor women. Hell, I was a victim of Internet harassment. I was a friend to this guy from a game I use to play. When he started to cross the line, I told him to stop. He continued, even after I told him to stop. I blocked him on social media and he would just make fake account after fake account to stalk and harass me. I haven't been on social media in over a year and will never go back because of my fear of him finding me and harassing me again. It was so bad, I made a new account but used my father's mother's maiden name, which only family knew, yet he found me. The justice system isn't justice. It's false hope. Nothing more

Bima Bia


Johnny English

Old skool rich dude😂😂😂😂


nice waffle house hat.... haha

Anthony Estevez

september ???? 2016?? someone ??

gamer jakey

the last one

Dillon Gross

Dude Perfect, I'm a HUGE fan!!! PLEASE check out my vids and subscribe! It would mean the WORLD to me!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Thanks!!! - Your Biggest Fan

Harry Bijl

this video made me realize....why the fuck isn't 500yard half a mile?

Andrey theboss

Toby the camera man.




If you listen to the song in full volume its so ear rape and i like it 😁

When I visited her, she was on her phone,NOT FEELING PAIN AT ALL!! I cried sooooo much! But honestly, I did think my sister did deserve the attention at that moment

Omg they were womb mates

I like how he broke down the door to break the toilet


Rajas arcade... Eddy Raja from the first Uncharted game?


Nested Menu