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Assalamu-Alaikum!Abbad Ibn Bashir (ra) was a companion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He lived during the time of the Prophet, and was known for his faith, knowledge and wisdom. Abbad (ra) got converted into Islam when He was Fifteen years old. The Quran always held a special place in his heart, and he became quite famous for his Quran recitations. Watch the amazing story of this Sahaba today!We are bringing to you, for the very first time, the Stories of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh). The stories are structured to teach your little ones about the life and achievements of Sahabi in an easy to understand format. Our videos are ideal for 6-12 year old children, and the adults too can enjoy our videos. Please support us to keep making more videos!Subscribe our channel for latest updates : ► our Prophet Stories :1. Prophet Adam(as): Prophet Nuh (Noah) (as): Prophet Hud (as): Prophet Salih (Saleh)(as): Prophet Ibrahim (as): Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael): Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) &Prophet Yaqub (as) : Prophet Lut (Lot) (as): Prophet Yaqub (AS): Prophet Shuaib (as) : Prophet Yusuf(as): Prophet Ayyub (as) : Prophet Yunus (Jonah) (as): Prophet Musa (AS) : Yusha AS & Prophet Hizqeel (AS) : Shammil (AS) : Prophet Dawud (AS) Story Part - 1 : Prophet Dawud (AS) Story Part-2 : Prophet Sulaiman (AS) : Prophet Isaiah (AS) : Prophet UZAIR(AS) : Prophet Zakariyah (AS) : Prophet Yahya (AS) Story : Prophet Isa (AS) Story Part - 1 : Prophet Isa (AS) Story Part - 2 : Prophet Isa (AS) Story Part - 3 : Prophet Muhammad(saw)Part1: Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part2 : Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part3 :Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part4 : Soon Islamic Kids Channel :Prophet Stories for Kids in Tamil,Telugu,MalayalamFollow us on Facebook for new updates! to us! www.islamkidsvideos.comTo watch our Prophet videos in Urdu , please click the link below : watch our Prophet videos in Hindi , please click the link below : watch our Prophet videos in Bangla , please click the link below:

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