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They want the boy to be Superman. Wtf?!!


Big is one of my favorite films of all time

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The "Volition Bunny" it has almost became a constant presence in its last games :D


I have the same thing with my grandpa... Its been one year now... Im still really sad. But i dont feel guilty, because i knew he was really sick. Until you will reply. It was Cancer...

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I know how terrible it is for a child to be abused but am I the only one who was just really sad a lot more about the dog???

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2. Large-scale meta-analysis studies showed that eating 100 grams of red meat every day increases the risk of diabetes by 19%, strokes by 11% and colorectal cancer by 17%.

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I had a very similar brother. A half brother who'd do that to me, more so grind against me and make me do things too. This happened from when I was 9 lasting up to 10, then some molesting after that. Hearing other people's stories.. is this not as rare as I thought? I thought I was so alone in that department, but now I've found quite a few people that have gone through similar things I have. It's the saddest thing.


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Captain America. Forgot his Vacuum cleaner in my home. I have video evidence on my channel.

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this is kinda off topic but if you guys (smosh) could do any of these i'd be super happy;

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