Scratch 3.0 Tutorial: How to Make a Flappy Bird Game in Scratch (Part 1)

In this video, , I create a working game by making a flapping bird and moving pipes. I explain how velocity works and how to use clones and private variables.Also, subscribe for more scratch tutorials and learn how to make more awesome games in Scratch!How to Make a Flappy Bird Game in Scratch (Part 2):you have any questions, ask in my Scratch Studio:Scratch Profilemusic (I only used part of it):


great work keep going :)

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This video made me cry so bad because i can totally relate. But if i ever showed this to my parents, they'll just totally think that im being disrespectful, and ungrateful.



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I have BPD. i can relate to everything in this video. Almost to the point where im only comfortable talking to my self at times because of all the fears i have. I feel like iv got it under control mostly, im a high functioning depressive, i get shit done but i don't have much energy or much of a social life. I think taking things slow is key.

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