Selling Skills by Anurag Rishi || Sales आसान है || Sales Secrets Training Motivation

This video is all about Selling skills, Sales Secrets and Sales Motivation in hindi, Selling Skills training presentation video in hindi.Selling is an Art and everyone must learn this ART in order to achieve success in life.. The biggest skill one could have is Selling Skill. This is a motivational & an Inspirational video by Anurag Rishi.Who is a Motivational & Transformational Speaker, Human Potential Trainer and a Life Coach. He is working in the field of Personal Development since 2007. Videos and live sessions of Mr. Anurag Rishi are empowering Lakhs of people. Become a part of his Mission of Empowering people, which he does by realising their true Potential and Programming their minds for Success. Every year Anurag addresses thousand of people from all walks of life - whether private or public sector, NGOs , Small and medium Entrepreneurs, Professionals, School & College students, Teachers, Doctors and many more. His Inspirational videos are keenly watched in 22 countries worldwide through YouTube. Mr. Anurag Rishi Conducts seminars and workshops on Goal Setting, Structured life style, Public Speaking, Financial & Emotional success, Communication & Relationship skills, Leadership quality, Time Management and pressure handling skill. He firmly believes that-"Success depends more on attitude rather than talent".Connect to Motivational Guru Anurag and Subscribe to him by clicking the link below:-CONNECT with Anurag Rishi=======================================­► CONNECT WITH ANURAG RISHI ON YOUTUBE :- CONNECT ON FACEBOOK :-► FOLLOW ON TWITTER :- CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM :- WEBSITE OF ANURAG RISHI :- out Some of My Best Videos - Links are listed below■ Impossible is Nothing || Most Powerful Motivational Video● How to achieve your Goals || अपने हर Target को कैसे पूरा करें● Goal Setting 2018 || New Year Resolutions 2018● Brand बन जाओ या Band बजवाओ ● The Main Key To Success | एक आईडिया जो बदल देगा आपकी दुनिया● Law of Gratitude● इस चीज़ का ही स्कोप है● The Power of FOCUS in LIFE● Kya आपकी LIFE में challenges है ? || Inspirational Video● Power of FOCUS and How to Stay Focused?● | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE

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Hem Gupta

1:45 he looks fed up with his job, even his 'check this out' is simply monotonous.

The AI's will start talking about food, pigeons, pasta and stuff like that.

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Whats the song in the first easter egg??

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Why do they bleep out bullying?

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@FunWithGuru I'm surprised you didnt include the Destiny Loot Cave in this, was that an oversight or because it is a reference it doesnt count?

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Is any of this faked?! 😱

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Slayer P.

This really made me think about my life.

Eclipse Mints

"flat earth"

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Wow it’s funny how people like you exist 🤦🏾‍♀️ you should rot in hell

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When I was three, I was watching Power Ranges

Mimi Mimi

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That War of Change though....

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The feeling of being early...


@ItzJoker1 Oh nice. That hurt.

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if you go to a salesman in dawnstar, then go to the chest thats underground, the chest will have whatever that salesman had to sell :D

G-man’s T.S.S.B

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Harry Potter

Wow. I just seriously realized that this was JK Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcers Stone

(helped do zombie eastereggs)

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No le des a "Más información" o "Leer Más"

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I liked the ending song lol

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What's you gamertag? I want to add you please (:

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This saves your time 10:06

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That's how you make a trailer..

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all the little kids freaking out when he said fortnite lol

Yna Clemente


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I remember sky ranch


@GavelaaIRL Jesus love, its $1 for the game and $2 for the level editor, that's hardly expensive!


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Plz don't do the rage monster

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I have heard that there is a movie about this but I do not know the name of it.

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oh shit

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soccer stereotypes

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lol...i find it pretty funny how short and chubby people are in that game


Loved the video! Awesome to see your videos pop up in my subscription box.


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