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Josh Kirkpatrick

Other rappers...being someone else


"Where Is The Happiness In Life?"

Hitmarker. exe

In the thumbnail it looks like Ty is flipping you off.

honda pops

Is there still bullshit in the book like in the videos

Load Of Hooey

I never had many friends in my public school and i thought I was just a bad person, the small friends I did have all talked about boys and sometimes about who others had a crush on, in the middle of sixth grade I left for 2 months and next year went to a new private school and that’s where I met my girlfriend❤️


Keep up the good work man!

Vault-Tec Prepare For The Future!

Just watch Elon Musk song

supercoolJesse101 Wdgaster

I don't know,probably a gaming stereotype 😒😒😒😒

Griefer 345


From RSA


Poor Ryan 😪

The Godslayer

Never seen "best" and " Fallout 76" in the same sentence


This was good

zaccheus pauley

who’s watching in 2018



Blue Marvel

Damn 👀

Mr Kakarot

Am a 13 year old there is more. that just the tip of it.

Tuxedo Bear

You fight demons


Raiders stadium!

Owen9the guy

Who likes tyler

Myka :P

Is it normal if MY MOM was the one being the alcoholic one?... anyway really good video


Mr. Guru.. I don't feel so spoil alert...

Gregory Hickok

6:15 15 bounces


As a Aussie I'm uncomfortable with that guys fake Aussie accent

Ruben Villanueva

Destination, southeast, crash site northwest from where aircraft departed. I shall wait for the NTSB report.

Agent Lightning

I'm know it all


STEVE JOBS make it


I mean me and my friends like to imagine playing fortnite in real life but this is another level

Tae Tae Ate My Potato

I hate my parents, I know they give me life but not fucking love and I don't need it.

Joanna Panting

i thought the story was being told by the girl XD

Brielle Lenz

My Birthday is in March to.

Michele LoRusso

Sick guys


Yes or yes

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