Sinhala Web Design Basic Lesson 01 - First Webpage

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G Pettus

When you forget you copied a.m.egging and acvodentally paste it :

greyson cham

the dancing kills me hahaha

I actually did this sorta thing on a few of my videos on my old channel (It makes editing videos more fun) and someone noticed it and made a comment, considering my channel is tiny I was surprised to say the least.

A year later her mum grounded her



My face was pale in horror, as if I was a dying man releasing his last breath.

Bran The Man

Garret got 2 out of five


Какие же они ленивые - What are they lazy

Just Cuz

My parents were together for 25 years and then .... it broke


0:00 and up is the best part

melissini 77

Thats the bad girl from totally spice


If anyone here has ever seen Lemmino you know that the talking at the end sounds like his videos. I just got a taste of my two most favorite YouTubers in one video at the end.

Where am I

0:04 I was wondering why deadpool was there but there was that weird avengers show in japan

Now against Toronto that’s not gonna cut it that gave way more guys that can get buckets & play defense unlike the previous two teams that the warriors faced

Fernando Barba

Hello Jaiden, so you pee on your wallet, well I think that´s not the worst that could happen to you on this trip, and actually was a great anecdote, that's why I like your videos there are like watching an anime (slice of life ones) jajaja it´s cool, and well the guy in the airport, for the way you describe him I think he was high and he wants to look "normal" and well things that happens just to you xD, keep going Jaiden you are great, have a great day :D

maha younis

I love you man❤️


I would have loved it if either when you're going up or down the ladder for the MGS3 logo, you just hear "Snake Eater..." whispered really softly.

Shawn Pit


кαтєlуи ѕρυяя

I’ve experienced all of those symptoms for at least 2 years...

Ilyas Atabekov

Крутые парни

Jax Kirchmer

Lax for days

i really dont know what to do if i was in that position.

ghost doggo

Was the purple hoser here?

the gamer

Dez Bryant did make that catch but the referees couldn't see that It didn't hit the ground


Great Video ;)

James bowes

Best job in the world

Craig pearcey [is immortal/limitless powers]

I do and I'm ten

Ayush Kulkarni

Do some trick shots with Roger Federer

Poor Abnormal Milk

Heya Guru, this is a shot in the dark, (literally, i guess) but do you by chance know anything about a certain monster in Amnesia: The Dark Descent? The certain monster im talking about is in the sewer part of the game (the one that chases you to a ladder), it seems that when looking at it while it isnt agro(ed) on you, it makes a painful moan, while in between it sounds like dialouge is playing backwards. Im currently playing the ps4 version...

Nathan Landrum

head shot

grant smith

Don't know if this was intentional but at 1:59 the cabinet handles look like the eye connected to a spring on top of the little girls character's suit in monster inc.

Alejandro Fuentes

You win my like. Give thanks to Sonic

Chelzy Quinay

who still watch this at 2018??

Blake Lynch

Hopefully Cody's life savings being burned was all fake money...

Alex Jones

Holy shit dude, you’re really overthinking everything in your life. Focus more on yourself, don’t worry about upsetting people you don’t know.

Starkissed `



Title should be "I'm a tourist and something happened in Manhattan, I'm startled, are we in 9/11 maybe" #idontknowwtfanearthquakeis X

Miller Derpinson

Do you know if the scarab gun is in the master chief collection?


Omg.... Do more please. :) Perfect



Averee Froemming (Student)

wow awsomw coby

Cotton Candy Sprinkles



Best video of ytb!


Nested Menu