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Monkey Panic

Wow they took it easy on those three

James Pyburn

the fact Joe Santagato's (another awesome youtuber) brother was in this is nuts xD

King Ry77

Who's that other I don't like him

Tanish Kimta

What great video juanpa 😘😘😘


I love that one of the greatest QBs of all time is just out there being a big kid and having fun, while showing how skilled he really is.

Like for a Love for him

diego altamirano

wth with the halo odst easter egg omg


Me: reads the title

Chris Myers


Chandrakala Parmar

Beyblade battle

Sheperd Johnson

I have both. And PTSD. Watching this vid feels like it's talking about me! Had it since 2003 and still struggling with it.


Daim i jused to play Jack and dexter when i was a kid

El susurrador de peces Padilla

You forgot the loud music guy

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Now his brother can use the easter egg

Glaring Helga

My life is over

Tanya Ritchie

That blue dress is incredible! You (both) look so beautiful in it!

Twist twist

Haridasan K

Cant wait to watch frozen 2.....

Xavion Mitchell

0 not a chance

Florenz Embatic


Fortnitegaming I’m stupid 123

Last one to stop playing fortnite wins


I still love DP but here they feel so much more genuine and intimate. Nowadays it feels like a huge gulf between us and them; there are no more blooper reels or ad lib moments and there’s an implicit focus towards monetisation all the time.

Ahmed Gohery


Kurtis Mitchell

Spell American Democracy... O L I G A R C H Y... Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally??? So what is it oligarchy or communism. Don't waste your time participating in this scam.

William is a big noobb

Should be 30 snakes


4:20, The answer to that is all 5 Dude Perfect members and Roger Federer

Magic TV.

que cancion es la del minuto 5:00

Robbie Leffel

Lies! Meat has vitamin C, the gov't just doesn't test for it. You won't get scurvy eating a meat-based diet.


2017 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Nested Menu