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Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi puts her co-star and onscreen love interest Pascal Tokodi on the spot as he serenades her with one of his original songs.Watch on Showmax now: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: What is Showmax? Showmax is the new way to watch TV online. Get instant access to thousands of the best series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries. All you need is the internet to watch Showmax on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV. You can even download to watch offline with the Showmax app on phones and tablets. Connect with Showmax Online: Visit our Website: Discover more on our Blog: Like Showmax on Facebook: Follow Showmax on Instagram: Follow Showmax on Twitter:


00:40 he matches the music perfectly


Someone explain this to me... All sports golf battle, yet they don’t add golf🤔

Police: Where was he yesterday

Inese Bīnemane



This seems to be a crossover to Moana, Ariel, Merida, Gozilla and Neverlands. Disney never created a more confusing trailer than this...

Yobro 100

This’s YouTube channel reminds me of good mythical morning

Ellen Emilie Zindy

Wow, I really don't like this girl. Poor guy


shadow of the colossus easter eggs

Goofy Tina

I knew this was about Starbucks when he first said he started working at the coffee shop

Neos Geos

How cool would it be if this ends in the Super Saga. What a long ass game.

Zsaskia Shabrina


Daniel Paz

I like your videos and you guys are super cool 👍🏽

Daniel Voss

Duke did it again this year🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Gabby Gaming

In the intro I thought he was going to say Disney channel 0:11


Happy easter guru it's allways funwithyou

Gary Musselman

Corvknight can take you to places you aready visited

Malik Ozr


César Díaz

You guys should try to put some Aerogel on the vacuum chamber!


So is she gay or..?

Te Ata

UMMMM IM SCARED because i was born on october 16 at EXACTLY 3 AM

Jon De Geek

this should be real sport man

marko maric



i dont want to call him a psychopath

Marcus Gonzalez

We're killing our promise, we're limiting the time we need to grow and change ourselves into the men and women The Most High intended us to be. Think carefully before you act. Hopefully God gives us each the best solution to whatever difficulties we may face with one another. If all else fails... Ride!

D. Boyd11

12:30 Ty has his watch on, 12:33 he doesn’t

Pritesh Baxi

Which size of ball is please tell me

One more situation thing ,a girl LOVES to play the drums ! Her older brother is all out supportive buying her drum pads ,drum sticks ,and music lessons (supportive),the father doesn't care much ,he doesn't go out of his way to buy all of the stuff she needs but doesn't refuse to buy her clothes or food (unsupportive), BUT THE MOTHER ,tries to break her drumming things that the girl and her brother bought ,constantly argues with her that a women shouldn't like drums ,insults her ,offends her ,and threatens her that if she doesn't get off the drums and stops playing ,she will never be able to see her friends til 18 (hateful/dislike). The teacher get me to the consoler you can imagine all the drama that has happened

Gator X


shook tea

1:18 really putting grandma in the back like that


Number 3 SpongeBob gets a condom on his head

J for Judge

Satanism satanism everywhere


The way you say “vitamin” though.... 😂😂😂

Lucas S.

I do not believe a channel as good as his fame has not you make videos on youtube Many great that I'm not American I'm from Brazil I love your videos thanks for all FunWtithGuru

selai jeruk

Im chill right now


stuck with both these fuckers


This whole time imma be tryin to find out who’s point of view this story is.

Mathew Ayotte

3:36 the sot is fake. There is another ball. Watch closely

SwaggyG Ψ

Have you ever realized that all of their b ball shots are swishes and no rebounds st all

Complete Highlights

Look up a video video f who the panda is

Sry my comrades but this is fake

CJ Adams

Hey jimmy do your Karl Malone impression! Its hilarious! 😂😂😂

Nick Corleone

Please say the name of the hip-hop track at the beginning of the trailer

Erik Doboš

Man u are the best for me. Cheers

Jacqueline Day

I am, and always will be a Cory fan. Sorry DP

Tony Merla

Years ago i discovered my first easter in Gears of War, after that, i begin to explore a lot of easter eggs in the games i played, but then i saw your first video of Mirrors Edge... I was so amazed that i litteraly said "i want to follow this guy at the end"

Jelle 078

You did your best thats all you can do. Please neverstop doing easter eggs i dont know alot of good eg account and indeed text only is better then voice. Also your a nice youtuber this is my 6th comment and you commented on my 4 other reactions already i like when youtubers are social but somewhere it will stop i mean you are already at 400K so you can answere everything. Thank you for the great EG

Hashtag Little Lemon

Sand trap? It’s called a bunker! 😂

Violets are blue but evrey one never stops dreaming

I don't like to talk to the other peoples because I think they will think i'm weird or that what i am saying is wrong

Christy Mcqueen

the zombays kan dance

Candela Graciarena

Wait hold on, Marbles ISN’T her last name?!?

phillipeans 4:13

Solange Freire

Can we appreciate the background intro music and how much Nostlgia some people are getting rn of there childhood!?😂 like me

Murylo Vinicius

guru VC é foda ( o melhor )


His face when his friend ain’t on the porch is so real


beautiful.nijah _

New subscriber and i love this video 😊


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