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Cheap Ship

U have some badass eye vision Guru😀

Melissa Miller bro

Can I at least get one like. 😀

Sky Glaceon Amv

What happened to Anna's voice

Tanushka Tony

Yeah u all need a zipline short

Chris Jones

I am the That’s playabele

Also the drawing in this video is so beautiful I can’t 💕😪😫👏

Yeetitordeleteit. jpeg

No one:

Ninetail Beast



The only reason my pic is a pony is because I'm too lazy to change it. XD

Sahas Koka

People who dislike have no heart


Why'd you have to kill the unicron WHY!?!?!?!?!

Suryanarayanan Jayaraman

Pls do blooper challenge

Can't wait to see what you find this year ..


Rainbow six siege Easter eggs or rocket league

DatUnicorn_ Moll

My sister is a shycoligist

Dragon Master animations

You should make a giant golf video




5 minutes in and I already feel like a peasant😂

Kiea Gacha

They couldn’t bare watching their little girl stink up the bathroom

cole dawson

I found a Easter egg at N 40 47.663 E 5 35.529 there will be a pile of dirt there and put 4 GE-64 explosives on it and blow it up what will appeared is just cause, and just cause 2 game disks and cases I found this on 12/12/15

Worst part if I haven’t eaten anything I’ll started getting tired and skinny

kolina 000

Yeah, its j.k.rowling story – one of the most popular writers on earth decided to write her story to YouTube channel witch will animate it.

We Cricket

March 24

Jayden Marvel

So, Elsa has Aquaman powers now?

Student Elsa Frontera Alloza

Football battle



Redeemed Soul

I've also never played a COD game because battlefield is and has always been the only true military combat experience wrapped in a total psckagage ever created from yhe conbat to the vehicles to the destruction in the frostbite engine, but as much work goes into game development people can't sit here and harsh to the devs because truth be told most folks in here probably couldn't make a game even half of what COD was trying to do, my only thing with COD was once they(or their fans) started conparing to battlefield as if it(for what it has become) is a real military focused FPS, that's where the problem arose for most BF fans, if anything COD should be conpaired to halo or gears before it even thinks about seriously conparing itself to Battlefield, COD may have started out as a military FPS but it devolved into a camping, who can use the fastest/cheapest weapon, kill streak perk summoning , toxic community riddled arcade game more akind to unreal tournament, gears, halo or something(arcade over more authentic I mean), true Battlefield fans such as myself always knew the truth, and now ironically the attention both of these trailers are getting for very different reasons perfectly showcase and expose what us Battlefield fans have known and have been trying to tell everyone from the beginning...that battlefield has alway been....#1


Poland !!!!

Nate Hikuroa-Reddie

i'mthe treadmill sprinter

Khalil Ahmad

Sorry Cory


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Ayo At Home AAo

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I’m the “I don’t play” guy

Elizabeth Deal


Uma Maheswari

You can make swimming pool stereotype

Here it comes.

Saeed Salah

Good job

Trannigins Tran


Mattel Master

"The rules for this battle are simple""I will most likely win"

I took my shot, gotta tell the truth, yeah, yeah, whoa

Carlos 406

lol, Ty without a beard

Augie Nathanson

#YIAYjob She try’s to fix your forehead


Gaming Jem

I'm glad you and your sisters are fine now! Keep them safe, ok!

sage rauenzahn

then you didn't do it right.    

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