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Launch Your First Android app with our TOP course at 82% OFF (24 hrs ONLY) HERE How To Design + Code A Complete App From Scratch To Playstore" ➨ Java tutorial video talks about this keyword in java that refers to the current object and can be used to refer to a variable or method that belongs to the current object. It is used to resolve instance variable hiding and effective constructor overloadingRELATED VIDEOSJava Implicit and Explicit ParametersWEBSITESOCIAL LINKSus on

The New King

I have never watched star wars but after these i really wanna but wich order should i start the movies in?

Sarcastic Potatoes

I feel so happy for the kid, what a hero

Paula Jerome

I can very much relate to this experience, I went through extreme trauma when I was a child which resulted in memory loss, some done under hypnosis, the rest was naturally repressed because I couldn't cope with it. Unlike her, my memories naturally resurfaced while I was watching a video from my childhood, it triggered all of my memories to return... basically I had been living a lie for half my life.

Oops Gaming

2019 anyone?

LizaRay Bruh

OMG Welcome to Saipan 💖💖🇲🇵

Minnesota Twins

2019 super bowl anyone???

Lucky Xiong

FINALLY! A video with real hidden eater eggs! All of the videos I've seen are of super obvious ones like Peter stopping the train being a throwback to Spider-Man 2 or of Stan Lee ad the store owner. Thanks Guru.

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It pissed me off! No matter how much I tried to get dirty I could not because of the damn rain and now Quiet is gone and no shower scene :-(

Except if they offering money 💵

Hank Garcia

Joel really reminds me of Drake

Hair is Just Dead skin Cells

The clumsy guy

Madison Hall

Ok in the end Emma fuck Ethan slaps his thigh but cuts it out of frame

Da Ca

0:27 What kind of idiot would go to Serbia? Are they out of brain?


What about Fortunate Son?!

Cristian Gonzalez

Me encanta 👏

Roman Ott

I hear 1010 feet, 20 Pounds, 280 mph.- Is it a lot? I dont know. Can you please even add the metric system besides your american measurment? Because nobody can understand it outside of the US. And physics is built on the metric system. Then I dont have to calculate it all the time to metrics.

WonderfulTelevision YT

Does anyone else remember when this was new?LiKe If YoU AgReE

or john wick 2



Sports Dude

I am your biggest guest fan ever


I was in middle school when the first Frozen came out and now I'm in college. 👀


The widow he bangs in Spectre was like 60 years old. That's no way to start a Bond movie. But Spectre was one of the worst.

Braydon Lynn

They looked so pale after soul cycle!!!😂😂😂

Jairo Cardenas

My favorite is Tyler

Koby Kessler

Ty I have the same phone case as you


I never pre-order books... But you advertised it using kittens, so now I gotta. My one weakness...


Not easy. It is much more awkward with siblings around if you can relate. My parents have been abusing me since 4 years old. They would compare me to other kids of how smart they are and how stupid I am. They give me extra homework and if I don't understand anything or I get something wrong, they will shout at me about how stupid I am. I have been going through this for years now. Thay caused the problem, they caused everything and if I tell them... I would never tell them.

marisol rodriguez


Gacha Princess

My parent is in open relationship too.

Golf Boyz

Ummmmm? pause on 0:47

Vivek Karki

Hey dp ... i challenge u to .... trick a shot.... that will be 200 foot sling basket ball shot... be a legend or be a loser...

K Pop fan

#2 trending on ph

Blast Fortnite

Thirsty for likes stereotypesNumber 1 dude perfect

Ollie Wales

do burj khalifa in dubai


Have u tried ATM QB camp ?

fox girl

I wish I was like her....

Skye Aldaroni

Omg I am crying so much. Wtf

Ashley Henninger

They're all soo cute especially Cody and Garrett


That looked painful

This is why people think school sucks

Walter Young


*uploads it on youtube*

Emmy Wardle

I started crying when you said you were walking to the hospital. I'm so sorry.

Dj Gut



Hun shot first?

MatEvolution 19

Hockey is my favorite thank you for making a video of it


The fact is that DUDE PERFECT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Space

My friend claimed to be abused by her parents locked in her room not fed hit and sexually abused by her fathers she said she was scared and countless times said she was going to run away I was 10at the time and she was 11.I got her help by talking to my parents and teachers after a year of her complaining and crying.She was seen by a therapist one year later found out that it was all lies and she was diagnosed as a physchopath.Now I can’t trust anyone because her sisters and siblings were forced into foster home after 1 year they are know back at her mums with the physchopath but still it haunts me to this day how remorseless someone can be as shepushed her sisters down stairs and chased them with a knife....


00:33 mmm fragrant (idk how to sell it :P)


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