Studio Ghibli Music Box Medley--10 feet long!

10 feet of epic music box songs and illustrations of great animes by Hayao Miyazaki!Studio Ghibli Medley PART TWO: List:Howl's Moving Castle - Merry Go Round of LifeKiki's Delivery Service - A Town With An Ocean ViewSpirited Away - Waltz of ChihiroMy Neighbor Totoro - Tonari no TotoroThe Cat Returns - Kaze ni NaruWhisper of the Heart - Country RoadMusic box meets ANIME Playlist:with me on Twitter or Google+ to hear updates on my newest projects: Twitter: Music found on Ichigo's Sheet MusicAnd you can find the music box I used here:

Terrance Halverson

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Michal Ostrovsky

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Aaditya Narang

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BallerAnd Actor

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Sara van Welbergen

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Jordan Jamison

couldn't have saved the spoilery bits until the end?


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this game is cool as shit, i just hope i can play as that girl from the previous trailer.

Farhan 222

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Bo3 is LIFE

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