SuperCollider Tutorial: 2. Making Sound

Here is a short description of the SC server architecture:SuperCollider appears as one program, but actually exists as two programs. The language, called sclang, is home to an object-oriented programming language, a library of classes, and the interpreter, which reads and parses your code. The other half of SuperCollider is a real-time audio synthesis program called scsynth, which communicates over UDP or TCP using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. sclang and scsynth are configured as a "client-server" model. The user, operating in the language, acts as a client to the audio server, and makes requests of the server by transmitting OSC messages. Because sclang and scsynth are fundamentally separate entities, it's possible to control the audio server using any OSC-compliant application, not just the SuperCollider language application.Because the two programs are networked, you could theoretically manipulate audio on an instance of scsynth running on a laptop halfway around the world, or you could have several clients connected to one audio server, as in the case in some laptop ensembles.

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Idk why but I'm sobbing over the background music

No super cars

No U

Lol I’m still confused about what’s happening. Y’all really trying not to spoil it.

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Mr. P joins the battle

Really? Tired of companies hiring people to use filler words to sound more advanced -.- for the folks who dont know ssd literally translates to Solid state drive

Day four peekaboo

Sending Love ❤️

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Dying relationships be like

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J.K.Rowling BTW "idk"

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There's a Guru easter egg at 6:01? The book is titled "guru's book of secrets", but i never saw the film, it's a coincidence or an easter egg? :)

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An body watching in 2018????

i usually feel like when i tell people about it people will think i just want attention or something

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It's 90 degre


Poor highlighter

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I have two friends that are in the exact situation 😥😥😥😥

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I have watched guru for a while for easter eggs to show to my friends but why dost he talk? I mean he must have a mic right? right?

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Lol you guys suck . He's wearing gloves so of course he's gunna catch everything

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hope you fund your sister never give up :)


Team Necklace

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at silent splash it is fromactof valor 2012



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who is watching in 2018

Oscar Drewery

he ugly AF

Actually Disgusting

This is normal for me and my friends tbh


Has anyone realised at 1:30 the pillars look similar to those in brave

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I can't stop thinking about the Flash ☇


flip a bike vertically if u can😎

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Isso e fácil 😎😅

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Imagine that hospital bill

Still, Thank you for sharing this. I am studying Psychology myself, in order to help people like you. in the mean Time, whilst waiting for Therapy, its good that you are writing. Read some of the Great Literature. The Bible, The Iliad, Rudyard Kipling, Edna St. Vincent Millay, they all describe the Human Condition, including yours, and help people cope knowing how others saw it, and that thy had the same.

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6:32 Umm....what is she doing...??


At 29:10 the soldier all the way at the right was DABBING!

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We missed youuuuuuu

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Your attitude sucks!!

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We love Modern Elsa 😍😍😍

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Why am I even typing this? No one would understand


it is called "Mio" you put it in water to make it have more flavor or give it a different taste.

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sorry cory about the eyebrows

The Colin Show

Rock Climbing!!! God Bless You, and Your Family, and Your Channel!!!

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I'm not part of make a wish but I would absolutely love to make a video with y'all

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After seeing the title

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The bought the whole thing but didnt use it all.

3.) and finally a special exclusive that you can unlock other characters for each replay like in Chrono Cross.


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i messed up at 0:06

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KD has burner accounts, Kawhi doesn't even go on social media. Kawhi is secure, KD is insecure

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I’m a idiot.

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To this day it is not answered why grandma is black

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Anyone know the song


OMG Juanpa love your video

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Black Panther vs Yugi Moto


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