Taylor Swift - ME! (Lyrics) ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - YouTube

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I'm confused why I have never subscribed to you. And also, do you have an Xbox with Xbox Live? Here's your SUBSCRIBED cookie.

Yesenia Flores

0:46 I bet you someone was under that table


Okay I never cry at videos but I did for this 😭

Sweet like Pearland, sweet like Peachtree (Like that)

Stephanie Sagum

This was on my RECOMMENDED,

Nicholas Bishop

whats music called??????

maryee chase


Ryan Irwin


Shawn Thorz


That’s so untrue. Relationship OCD can cause you to notice anything.

munima jarin

My childhood rocks!

Patrick Pin

Ayyyye chiefs back !

N . D_ Vlogs

Make a video on 10m air rifle

Carissa Jenkins

"Try not to listen to your worries"


For a moment I thought this was RDR2. I was seriously gonna asking myself how on earth all easter eggs could be found in one day 😂


Damn I guessed 330

Haleemah Khan

Matt yo dumb XD cuz you said “your dads are idiots don’t trust them” and your a dad 😂


So you're that guy who is running around doing nothing all the time.... =p

Aiden Tucker

So super awesome slingshot shot


No Duke Nukem 3D Movie references? :(


Ty 8Cody 3Cory 1Garrett 1

Nicole Pappas

That westie dog's animation is amazing for a little easter egg!

Nate Quinlan


Nekhill Kumar swag buster

You should shoot in india in delhi

BKGamez23 Games

0:21 lol Bikini Bottom Spongebob

Dikshye Seebo

Team coby win

Jake Cassan

Fish: what did I do to you

Paris Nation

If you are in jail, how did you post this? FAKE

Smeralda Lecarnaque

I hope it comes out better than the first, but I think at the moment that HTTYD3 wins anyway.


how can people call this fake ? ive just seen it on the X games!its mad.ignore haters!!!!!


Great as always, little bit lazy, but really awesome! :D

Ryan 5223

Mickey: I am Elsa,do you think you're the only superheroes around the world?Elsa you are part of this bigger universe that you just don't know yet.Elsa: I'm sorry,but who are you?Mickey: I am Mickey, Director of Disney. And I'm here to talk to you about The Princess Initiatives

James Vaughan

It came out, oh it's slippery, do you wanna try? Moans... No fingers lost today lololol


In the music I always hear: "I'm stormin' on the corndog."


pewds would be so proud

Abbi Jackson

I’m shoook

Edit : I want to cry

Micky Fernwe

I hate the stereotype that introverts are readers..

EmLee Gee

This is the happy pupper content I signed up for.

8:23 sees Audition

Neo Deltå

"just be strong lol"


I found nothing gaming here

Luvuyo Nobadula

I knew the Watchmen clip was gonna be Jon!

LolFaceAlex Chloe

2:21 her hand is weird. That’s not how thumbs work

Bernard Saroglou

Great year keep up the good work my favorite video was model rocket battle and we got some good news we didn't kill a cow

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