Getting Started with Visual Studio & C# .NET Tutorial : #Codegasm 1 - YouTube

Welcome to the very first episode of #Codegasm. A new series where I teach people that don't know how to code how to get up and running fast while skipping most of the boring stuff. All project files from this demo available @ to resources, use them!Download Visual Studio 2013 Express @ for Absolute Beginners @ Training @ (Learn Functions) @ Forge (Source Code) @ can help me and my channel out using the links below!Donate if you enjoy my videos @ Block & Horror Block @ Stuff T-Shirts @ Shirt Punch T-Shirts @ Box (Yum!) @ VPN (Privacy on the internet) @ Omega Racing Office Chairs @ code 'NERDGASM' at checkout!Use Coupon Code 'NERDGASM' at checkout on to save 10% instantly!Use coupon code 'Barnacules' at checkout when ordering your Nerd Block or Horror Block using my affiliate links below to save 10% off your first month subscription!Use coupon code 'Nerdgasm' at checkout when ordering from and save 10%Come talk to me...Tweet me @ me @ @ me @ BarnaculesManCave@gmail.comIf you want to know why I'm not at Microsoft any longer watch this video... for watching! Your feedback will determine how many more of these videos I make and what topics I cover moving forward. So be vocal in the comments! The goal here was to create a video that gets you up and writing a program with inputs and outputs quickly and understand what you're doing for the most part. It was very difficult to not get technical and explain every aspect of what I was doing. So I hope this video provide enough information to get you passionate about learning more. Sorry about the slight hiss in the audio during the screen capture phase. I had my AT2020 microphone too far away from my face and it was picking up the fan noise in the background from the AC unit.Bugs Found------------------Bug 1 - CommonSon found that the loop is 101 and not 100, good find! Email business inquiries to Help the channel by donating BitCoin to1MfVZVMjfUUq8srg1d4RbgXR5e7JLw7R6P▼ Support me by sending BitCoin (Wallet Address) ▼ 18Su2PV63BabMZWwYEhgXC8obK1XBVveCp▼ Get 10% off Kinesis Split Ergonomic Keyboards & Pedals ▼ [use code 'Barnacules' at checkout to get 10% off]▼ Join my Folding@Home team and help cure diseases with spare CPU/GPU cycles ▼Barnacules Nerdgasm Team # 231300Download Client @ Top 10 contributers shown on Twitter weekly!▼ I am now live streaming on Twitch so come give me a follow to receive notifications when I'm streaming ▼See my Amazon Store for all the products I use & review 💥


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