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Cakrabayu Budireksa

I saw Vaughn and Rhys...but What about Fiona

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Dude Perfect's are real but Ricardo's were fake without a doubt

Madison C

Me and my brother were born four months early. My mom told me that she had tried six years to get pregnant and that we were a miracle.

James Gaskin

What about figure skating?? ⛸

Aaron Vannistelrooy

Be nice if they could make a console powerful enough that it competes with pc’s

Cade Hill

Tyler is kind of selfish, he doesn’t give anyone a single, little chance to win even though he’s won so many.

Watches 10 Minute video.

Drake Rodriguez

Looks like that are having sex 1:01

<3 Lunar

r0bl0x gaymer

next: My sister is my wife


this guy should be in the NBA


Jacob Jackson

I think he parked bedroom then like 90% of the United States


Dylan Campbell

I love dude perfectu are awesome

Death Stalker

I love gta iv but I can't download it

All the Colours of the Rainbow

UK? That's where I live.

같은 내 민족이 왜 이렇게 억압받고 고생해야 되는지 -Call of Duty ZOMBIES (Only the one made by TreyArch)

Mystic Productions

It doesn’t seem that interesting.


NANI ???

Shreyansh Gupta

Ur videos are worst

FaZe Wannabe

Why are all youtubers british? #Q&A

Julio Huarcaya patino


Abigail Barreno

Omg i thought he broke up with her

Jaede Garreth Vargas Patoc

Where's the longest tree slingshot now

IvanMex! ツ

OMG! 0 dislikes, I never seen that before!!




Jaiden: Post peed wallet

Sparkle Neko

slaaaaaaander maaaaaaaan😲!!!!!!!

Smriti Thakur


Cee Jay

at this point x 1000

carter patterson

1:51 your welcome.RIP Purple boi.


Shits trash 🗑 🗑 🗑


entertaining. yes.. b. a. kid. alwys. :)

Beau Braverman

He should get drafted to the patriots

Jeff B-c

Motherfuckers put loss in their fucking game, ya know what fuck it, after seeing some awful reviews, I thought it was a little harsh, but now I totally understand. Fuck this game

Sniper 101



His name is Max, Sam is his friend, dog.


Awesome !!! Amazing


love it

Krish Iyer

Who else thinks that the mic pitch was fake?

Ve Roni

Whoa... crazy.. i had developed bad ocd (for germs)before... but prior to tht, this video reminded me of the screams that I used to hear in my head.. and wanting to run away from them. Id cover my ears, trying to make it stop, but the screams would continue..trying to shake them off.. waiting for it to just stop Iced


Texas roadhouse makes up the points in their bread.

x qshun

This is genius bro! You just made something different its like youre making your owb field and your inspiring others to go in that field ....your a master bro keep doing it!


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