The best coding toys for kids

In recent years there's been an explosion of kid-friendly toys that can help teach the fundamentals of coding. Whether you want to explore the basics of programming with colorful blocks, or you're feeling ready to jump into some JavaScript, these gadgets are a great primer for any kid (or parent, let's be honest, we had a blast playing with these).Read more: Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: Buyer's Guide: More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Read more: is the original home for technology news and reviews.

Ryan Bendixen


King B

The Brian with the I are weird

2. Reading this tab

Andrew Johnstone

But Toolbox midgets just want hugs ;-;

Carson Himes

Who else cried when she died I did because that happened to me also

Dane Bogden


Momo Fruity

She's still a thing?

Mxpx1112 _

Can please go there? I’m not insane like in the movies, I’m fine also, but it would be nice to do stuff like that

C.C. Catch

I was agressed same way at school in fifth grade and I was too shy to reveal it to anyone, also the boys were frightening me to not speak. My mom found out (I don't remember how) and her final thought was that I was easy. She thought I liked it! It was the worst life I could ever live. My mom... my own mom turned my back and I was again alone in this cruel world. She punished me hard so I would learn a lesson, but I only lost trust in myself and in anybody, I became shyer and now I have big problems with this. The boys were never punished, just me. I could never see the world again. And today I can see its every malicious thing. I can't see the children the way I used before. But somehow I got past it and I'm not introverted, but I am still shy and I have low self esteem which I will never correct. And I did anything on my own and with God's help. Thank you for reading! I hope you surpass you fears!

the world's most awesome variety channel

The title and thumbnail is different

Grow ByDoing

Don’t accept jack shit. Do whatever you want. I’ve lived endlessly and still recreate events that endlessly overlap and repeat. I’m undead dead living proof you can do whatever you choose including rewinding yourself. The joke is we all do it just most forget they’re doing it.

Poshie Po

My brother actually did that to me with the jaws Easter egg... He made me go near a boat with ppl then all of a sudden freaking jaws showed up and slammed me to death xD I was screaming like wth was that xD


4:16 it wouldn’t have hit his foot


Who likes overtime hit the like button👇


Who’s watching march madness Rn?


2019 anyone?

9jeon jeon

Elsa is helping spidey defeat the Elementals

Celtic Fan 1888

I know i am watching in2019


Raj Kumar Singh


Maybel Alegre

Hahahaha Tyler fave a high five and garret gave him a shoulder pump hahahahahahahahaha


Who is Panda

Sarah Von Ruden

who is under the panda mask


I like watching asmr but it doesn’t give me any reaction :(

Cereal Killer

Everyone is thinking, how can they afford all this? Well they get millions of views on each video. In total of money in all their views, it could be worth over a million

Harris Abdullah

Last one

The Infinity Channel


Robert Breeden

I totally didn't cry... I'm not lying I swear...

God From Heaven

Could I get the clubs I am only 12 and I play golf qwite aloteAnd compositions

Sister Squad Fun1987

Wswswswswswswswbhbhbww jk Rowling I luvvvvv u


Whats the soundtrack/Song in the background between 6:50-8:20?


 keep the good work up and please make  a lego movie videogame one please 


Aww good job


I thought this ditto mewtwo thing was a known fact, I've never played any pokemon games, but I've been following a pixelmon minecraft lets play series, that has this same mechanic.

Dj Hall

Ned didn’t say that’s unfortunate on wheel unfortunate

Mr. DaLeX

the problem being not English doesn't understand something


Wow. That's a lot

Marshall Webb

Should have known Panda had a friggin knife on him.....

Isha Shrestha

I am so thankful to learn about your story. Your not alone dear and you also made me realize I am not alone too. We all go through some issues in our life and I had pretty bad childhood too.


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