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Abdalkarem ar

This is the brightest of the professional truth

Kanakei Ken

Oh I'm the frikin government and I like to leave people who smoke because we're greedy and always want money.

marcos martinez

Go team coby yeah

daniel teco

wtf wasnt he with halsey and the others

Mellow Only

Fuking Dj kaled

gesxt duck

Who's going to watch there video in 2018 i know i am

Carlos Hita

The Score

Cleo Malone

I wouldn't have let this shit slide. I would've ultimately destroyed those poor excuses for parents. I wouldn't have let that evil ass mother take her away. 👿

Sans The Skeleton

In my eyes... No-one is ugly.


R.I.P darth vader

Galaxy kitten 75

Make more vids of this plzzz

Enes yıldırım

Lots of guys with lots of Vaseline. Not gonna end well.

Eliud Rodríguez Viltres

810 2

Ray Bryant


(Sorry if my English is bad)


Those steaks are burnt.. I’m disappointed in y’all. Also steak should only ever be served with mashed potatoes and green beans. TR has the best green beans in the world👏🏼

ThatOneCanadian -

They are running out of ideas for battles aren’t they

Pussy Cat Gaming

I thought Howls moving castle was English

Messi always misses important penalties🤣🤣😂🤣😂

The Übermensch Writer

How about Bear Grylls vs Steve Irwin?

Dom Vasquez

I never knew barney was scary

Belinda Kent

rip diamond xxx


Hi Mr. Beast, i am a retired soldier from airforce, i am living in an area where the people are living below the poverty line and that's the big reason that female's education is approximately zerooo in my area, i don't want to receive money directly or indirectly so that to convince you that I am real with the real Issue,my aim is to educate the girls of my area, give them education and civilized them as the rest of the girls of the world, girls in my area have just one concern that hey nothing is important but to save virginity till marriage is their best achievmnt, I Am sorry for this mind setup,

Nick Brown

@5:00 That is DEFINITELY Jesse Pinkman.

panchali chakrabarti

That's not Ellie it's sara

Mr. Hyde

Life is strange is illuminati?


I Actully Don’t Know If F2Freestylez Is Soccer Or Football?

gameing lemon

Louis The Rabbit

1:44 my only question is, how did they get all that Oklahoma stuff in Texas?

You got it, girl, you got it, oh 

Jason Fritz

I Love Girl Scout Cookies!

Nena mala de repente

eufjhfufirkrhEugene Smithidjrjfjf3


June 10th, 2019: Helicopter crashes on top of 50 story building (Today)


not a R* game...

Jc Haight


Nave Boss


Dumb gaming Science

I’m eating dinner

Tommy L


Viper Hareous

I feel as if the heart thing on GTA IV is a reference to GoW II.

Liam Bonaparte


souvik guchait

I am so excited for Frozen 2


International swisher was the best👍



Zachary Akers

Poor panda ;-;

eka pamuji

Even in game Yamcha still dies embarrassingly


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