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This video talks in depth about interview preparation strategies including what to learn and where to search. We first talk about key areas of focus in the software engineering domain. The interview preparation space can be broken into 4 parts on the basis of:1) Preparation Time2) Software engineering Role.Depending on where we lie, the interview preparation process can be streamlined. Below are the links mentioned in the video.AlgoExpert: by engineers from Google and Uber, this site helps you build your algorithmic skills using code and white board explanations.Be sure to use the code 'gaurav' for the discount. You get 30% off! System Design Series:Channels:Dertat:Programming Sites:Books:Databases by KorthAlgorithms by CormenComputer Networks by TanenbaumArtificial Intelligence by Peter Norvig(Also work on one programming language really well)#InterviewPreparation #SoftwareInterview #AlgoExpertBecome a channel member!can follow me on:Facebook:

Audra Legg

Why didn't they send her gradparrents first instead of the foster home.

Joseph Clark

Double rainbow!

Punya Galundia

11:00 this is hilarious...

Jim W

I swam a mile once but had goggles, a tight swimsuit, a swimming cap, all making me go faster plus I had my friends so I was hyped to get done quicker which cody had none of (I’m kidding obviously.........he had a tight swimsuit lol some people are just too ez)

Jaskaran Singh

So nice

TMM ZubZer0

dp is at a new low

Alexis Skidmore



Yeah FUCK COD!!!

Ritu Goel

17.5 so close!!!

David Perez

The mini games look more fun than black ops 2

Booked -Potter

My great aunt was born at 3 months in and she was like 9 ounces and her first crib was a cigarette box. That was in like the 1800s though

The Green Beanz

Honestly, i agree with her parents a bit, cuz having a phone, while with benefits, could be unhealthy or bad for young kids. but don't know how old she's supposed to be

Jalal Curmally

Oh my god! Thank you! MY first, my favourite RPG is back! Cannot wait.

Golden red freddy

question:will soccer skin come back soon?

Jorge Villa

Coby should've won

Markis Tew

Who’s watching in 2020



Jim Garasz

it would be awsome if Jorge started to dance in call of the dead when you did the hidden song

Amy Gilmore

What do you call cheese that is not yours nacho cheese , what is red and bad for your teeth a brick, what is red and white and really noisy a zebraplaying the drums, the prison who bought it didn't want it the prisonwho wanted is didn't use it the prison who used it didn't no it What is it a coffin , where going on a trip watch me nanny watch me wipe eating salty fries little fat guys scooby doo2 co co puffs are Olson good big fat lady on channel 80 Frankenstein on channel 9 . This is from a 9 year old boy is where size 10 hope you think I an funny ps. Can you give me another shirt if you can it is for my brother birthday present he where's asizeextra large thank you dude perfect I love your videos

Claire Clay

Have my life idc pls dont be sad plsssssssssssssss 😢

Let's get it Atiny makes one team

Is the only reaction you need

aD Whyyy

izi !! ;)

Team Dark

Wheel UnfortunaNED

ii Mirie

I feel like, I can relate to everything here (except for the hugging, I love hugs xD) But sometimes I can be so LOUD when I'm with my close Friends and super weird too.. WHAT AM I?! xD

Mattia Bianca

You are The best guru! !! From italy With love

Hayden Vega

We Got Your Trampolie XD

Aliyah Jones

2:28 her feet are so big

duyet tang

0:24 was Cory doing a number 2 with his pants on

Philip Lim

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20 degrees is warm in England

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stickzstone youtube

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Mr. Trickshot

This is why I love this YouTube channel and GuRu

Just Lina

Im secure

Mr Galaxy



I was actually playing God Of War when I got the notification. It's definitely my favorite God Of War game. I personally love hack 'n slash games but the God Of War franchise just wasn't for me. This game is one of my favorite action games of recent years... and it's also a plus that it introduces Norse mythology into the franchise.

Abdulkader Hassan

When you hear the song underfeated in background you know that the video is lit


He looks like hiro from big hero 6 😂

MMK Moreno

CANADA NUMBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!

Devon Reyes


Stila Lin


Jonathan Rosenband


William Whitaker

there is also an uncharted board game in the toy store

Jackson N

I agree with ty the black team had way harder movies than the green team

Kirstin Opal

Those B role shots, Julie 👏🏻👏🏻

AHuge Pigeon

I fookin love when you upload


Jillian Porter

That dog is a little scary but mostly cool 😎

Claire Sheg

“OnE liKe EqUaLs OnE rEspEcT” fr tho, poor girl :// 💜


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