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In this vlog style video, I talk about 'programmers pain' and the quickest way to becoming a professional developer. Whether you want to work for a company full time, start a freelancing development business, or create your own business, the strategies I teach in this video will speed things up.My popular courses:Complete Freelancer: web development fast:Python 3 fast: Entrepreneur Course: social links:Instagram:

Georgia Shirley

oh BOOHOO you were a bad person and got called out


I thought kuz and lonzo were friends. But no shout out at all

Casey Gregori

The dad's having trouble lately

the girl: OMG SUCH A JERK!!

Jason Herbst

She's always been the realist, this is just further proof. #adoreher

Nasser Show


Jacques Pitts

Lol they are bigger names so why not his music can really be heard. Fuck y’all. Do yo thing polo.

Starry Skies

I have to assume the video length is on purpose. GG mate.

Hello Kitty

Team Necklace

Fallout Maniac



Dick move, infinity sword. Dick move...

Sandra Carrasco

como lo hacéis un buen rato con los chicos y grandes mundos

simply shazza

Better than the sister squad🤭 just sayinnnnn🤪 even though the sister squad were some good days and I love the videos, I kinda ship the holy trinity squad now... where’s the merch :DDD

matt philips

great video


مافي غير انا عربي 😅

David ODonnell

Why isn’t coby in the back round

Jill Reed

please do a nba one

andrew klosterhoff



lol gun really????? 

Sorry for Bad english

Insert name here 44

I cried, no joke


Been around since your glitching channel man! It was great then and even better now, keep up the great work!


OMG yes been waiting forever for this.

xd Toastie

This is absolutly insane !

Dejan Car

Put on x1.25 playback and thank me later.

I’m a Potato

Isn’t She the girl who survived the plane crash in the thunderstorm flight 508 to Lansa


One person has a penis the length of the red line in the likes/dislikes bar.

Frickin Chicken

Congrats Ty!


Yes, you like sucking on things.

Shreehith Reddy

The most amazing video by DP


waiting for that copyright

black racer

So sweet guy's

Brandon Alexander

i saw pandas face!

Ryan Miller

Who actually puts out a fire with a pressure washer..... no one

I didn't know what to write

Adi Mulyadi

Knp Elsa GK masuk MCU🙂

Matt Reed

do a celeb with adam theilen andtom brady

T Bookout

My birthday is the 24 mar

scott Henderson

(sorry if I've missed a few videos with this style) but I love the new style on this video

vansuithawng thawng

Background music name?

Rosa Susana Castaneda

Go Coby!!!!!!!!

David Rong

Lmao i love the narrator

Catson E

I’ve been in that stadium


Not gonna lie, I'm that person with long legs lol I swear I have tried walking slower but it's like, painful? I can't help it🤷 gotta go fast my dudes

In year 6 I found out my talent which was to sing and dance. This TV show called dance academy inspired me to dance and Selena Gomez inspired me to sing.

Mariana Chiulli

Can’t wait for the like to buy one


im watching in 2018

Rodney Berrien

Half a million for a shove. Seems like a little much to me


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