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Dallas Christian

0:53 got me laughing

Emma McCullough

Damn every comment is about moms telling y’all to get off your phones but I really expected everyone to be shook on this incredible story. I started crying at the end skakkwsifjjdkawj

Carrie Sullivan

Hang onto your balls looooool

The Jedi Knight Gamer

Soccer trick shot

The Legendary Yeeter

Why do I keep getting Lex Luthor vibes

Jones Bro



I am just crying about this story! So beautiful❤️

natalee steen

I know how u feel:|

Icy Bug

Have fun sleeping at night

Mikey Hart

In dancing

I like Cats



Good One.......


finally they put a montage up! Yes, good for them on making money, not worried about that, but the reason they are making money is these montages. They MUST do more of these awesome videos.


wtf james bond was a rapist he totally forced himself on those girls

Prince Jace

We're in the Frozen 2 now


I think Tyler should be paid $100 for that shot because that was crazy far

Алексей Нестеренко

Last shot is really incredible

This Story is Absolutely Bea


If you believed that this was an actual footage before the ending then I found that easter egg on the first jukebox use. Fail.

Dad: yeah it's pretty hard for you probably


Love the song choices for all the vids.

Porter Haug

One like for one kick for both John and brynt.

Alex Red200s

It’s both low to high high to low

The Enigma


Warhawk 3126

James H u r off by 3000000 lol

Dylan Hendy

Anyone in 2018??

Ms Bulu

This is the TEA!🤪☕️

Soda Kim

Nice coat :o

Alanna Lasso

I haven't ate Burger King in like 7 years McDonald's won bc 20 nuggets and 5+ being a college student.

Cash Parker

Your cancer went away before my birthday

Kyle Ammons

Idea number 10 is my favorite

Zorex The Dolphin


School books come out

EPB 6264


اعلاهم تحتي





Who’s here after Bowling Trick Shots 2?

dullario []

Love u cory

Jim McCabe

Max always tries to look smart w the out of consensus call. Which means he has a 20% success rate

Jennifer Audet

like if they sould do a mom adition.


What is the name of this plane

roeikiller 10

who saw in 2019 Like


Keep coming with the pop up thank you you voice need to heard guru 💪💪💪👏👏👏💯

ItsMe_LexiDabzzz Hehehehe

U aRe ThE NeW fLaSh! I don't mean to be negative here, and FFVIII was my first FF(love it), but if they are making a remaster don't you think they should actually make it look a lot better than what's already out there, FOR FREE?

Jaivardhan Deshwal

i expect nothing and i m still let down

bigfoot Adventure

Do more plz

Jonny Glendinning

I’m very disappointed there wasn’t a single tweener in this video


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