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The Most ESSENTIAL JavaScript Interview Questions (With Answers!)Chances are you are preparing for a JavaScript coding interview and now you're faced with a lot of different JS interview questions.JavaScript is a high-level programming language, probably one of the most used programming languages in the world right now. It can be used to program the web browser or even servers.To know the importance of JavaScript, disable JavaScript on your browser and try to load the Web Page in it. Those Web Pages will not work properly. Many contents in them may misbehave.Usually, JavaScript interview questions are divided into three sections:Beginner LevelIntermediate LevelAdvanced LevelIt works to make your interviewer position you inside of a scope of possible choices. The closer you are to an "advanced" level developer, the higher your chances of getting a job.Coding Career Fastlane: with Jason on:Facebook: THE COMPLETE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER'S CAREER GUIDE 📖Get #1 bestselling book, The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide SUBSCRIBE! 🛑CREATE A BLOG TO BOOST YOUR CAREER - FREE COURSE 💲Take this free course and learn how to make more money, improve your career and even make some side income.ARE YOU MAKING ONE OF THESE LEARNING MISTAKES? 📚Most software developers are learning the wrong way!7 REASONS YOU ARE UNDERPAID AS A SW DEVELOPER 💲Find out what they are...EXCLUSIVE SIMPLE PROGRAMMER MEMBER COMMUNITY 🤴Join a supportive, motivated community of developers that will keep you energized and making progress toward your goalsBOOKS AND RESOURCES I RECOMMEND 📚HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER 💲Learn to build a personal brand, get a higher salary, become a respected name in the industry.TEN STEPS TO LEARN ANYTHING QUICKLY 🏫Learn how to learn.TRUST THE PROCESS SIMPLE PROGRAMMER SHIRT 👕LINKS YOU MIGHT LIKE 🔎Simple Programmer Website: Skills Book: SOCIAL MEDIA 🎬Facebook:

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