Thinking About Getting an Arduino? Watch This

What is an Arduino and why should you care? In this video, I attempt to answer that question, and more. If you're an absolute beginner to Arduino, or are just curious about the magical device everyone is raving about, you should watch this. Seriously. Watch it.Check out the full post at MakeUseOf for more information: by Dj CUTMAN: MakeUseOf? Technology, simplified. The MakeUseOf blog covers all types of technology, including advice for all the popular operating systems and gadgets on the market, and tips for your browsing, social media and gaming habits.We’re also keen to help you personally make more of your time using technology, so we include a lot about personal productivity, finance, smart home tech, entertainment and more. Plus, we’re always running giveaways and finding great deals we can share with you. So keep an eye out for them! Plenty of our readers have won iPhones, tablets and more through our giveaways.So FOLLOW US on your favourite social media sites and get into your RSS feeds. And come say hi in the comments of our posts anytime! We’d love to meet you!Website: Giveaway:

Novi Tarakan

Why dislike?

Payton Alexander

Me:Mom I'm coughing blood!

Jose Molina


Me: wtfffffffffff

This Story is Absolutely

Gordo Garcia

At number 9 next to the paper an poster there is a sign that says lost dog named Bolt

Sherlyne Valdes

Bitch 0:33

sparkle boo

I really know hw dat feels I've been in it since I was 7 but nw I'm 18 an my life is much more better nw....dat story is similar tuh mine....wat still hurt me is dat she was my own mom an she treated me bad n I had live with step father an he never show me a bad face...idk my father he left my mom wen I was 1month old I don't even know wat he look lyk she keep me away from my family...idk if it's rite but now I don't even want to c her face....i hate her....

Nae Nae

Wtf Bring the LA Beast on this show


I'm non-binary (female by birth)

Nyatsuki ・


Alex Kyner



I was expecting proper football. Not this eggball stuff.

anupam sharma

Who is the panda

sadia khan

What do you call when a vein plays a drum ¿ heart beat

Laurel Love

When they uploaded, it was 2:00 A.M.


New 'My Top 10' video next sunday, no new video this week.

jAmLeSs FaN

My mom's friend had 2 miscarriages and she is doing THIS

Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

So how did the ground look?

Ms.Craig AnderSAND

Even tho this possibly didnt happened, it makes me want to buy a shutgun

How is he taking pleasure in your pain? He basically saved your life, he could've pushed you off HIS car and drove away, but instead he tried to help you out even though you basically ruined his suit and got pissed at him for YOUR mistake? SISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BYEEEE

8. spend five minutes swimming in a tub of ice cream

Daniel Dimov

How much time did it take u to see all this stuff?!


The hair gave it away

Surfacekilla 1

I'm early

Rafi Saraj

September 2018 now compare to 2012

talk show w/skipper 2019

Ean Malcom from Jurassic park!!!


This doesn't cover up all EEs, I wonder why you say it lacks EEs :p

José Carlos Merino


Girl: cries because of a phone

Autumnz _Artz

I cried, I'm going to take this advice thank you and good luck to you all.

Mohamed .AL-Braiki

did u get scared?


Stop making fake videos!

-Nipsey Hussle, 2017


Looking back your older videos it's apparent you really do love Mirror's Edge.

Ellie Sheehan

get drafted by the packers bro


I think i heard this story before! In a diff video!

Richa Trivedi

Where does he live? I wanna talk.

Yolo Doge

Dude Perfect


Cody parkey don't even need to practice to hit the crossbar

i miss her

Ha. At least you love ya gf....I begged my mom and dad to stop and my brother. My brother usually just told me to fuck off or worse... My parents said they would and act like they forgot the promise.....all..the..time....


Look at title

Rosana Cordero

And that Liam guy is Thor


djmarcos morales

Cuando sale? El video

GHD 123

I’m the trader I’m horrible

Adedoyin Ekong

why will 11k people dislike this video


it looks like blood

Dude dude dude dude

Pro XP

Actually u boats are not fake there real from ww2 they where used by the Germans

Sam Magid

Do a part 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    

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