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Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Worth It? USB Killer will destroy nearly anything you plug it into. Don't try this at home.USB Port Blocker on Amazon: Frontier Foundation:

XB22 Soccer

2019 anyone?

Rachel Yost


Josh Vaughan

My school work made me read The Cask of Amontillado, i'm not much into reading but seeing that easter egg makes me glad that I read it.


3:45 - jeez... she made him wait 4 months with that boner? No wonder he got frustrated. He invested 4 months in her and he just gets humiliated.

Théa Rajji

The worlds biggest slingshot

kami_x _sunshine

For the first time in forever

The GamingBros

I don't get the flash's speed

Neko Katsuki

Found this in an ad

Sammy Universe

This is my 5th time watching this video, the coloring is so mesmerizing

Becker Rice

John cena

Davide Creanga

Why romania


I miss 3D Rayman

dj lobo chonero

Mom-put the dame games away [D]emocracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

Devon Palmer

Another easter egg in crocodile is it takes your will to live.

Cav Allen

So there is a sea monster!!!

Robert Acuna

Ballpen flip,wheel flip,remote flip and adaptor flip

Good job rudy I Peed on my wallet.


@makaveli65 lol yeah wtf

Lazy Asian

My keyboard is completely white and sticky right now

Fred Wilson

And kd killed him lol they would've won by 20 if he didn't get hurt again

Rigoberto Alvarado117

please do water polo shots @dudeperfect



*_DePr3sSeD_* *_IQ_*

Great memories...

Brendon Jose

the batman easter egg was revealed by an employee because no one found it

Cruz Canales

Wwe headquarters


Ty you be looking like some kid that makes money 💰 by kissing your friends


Everybody say a word keep it going: you



AllOfSam JSE

Such amazing voice acting!

lolzprogamer or dankdragon420

When you get insulted in gta 5 3:06

Joseph Schwarz

I am the founder of the one teddy bear on siege your welcome

Not Tracer

At first I thought it was a perk bottle from bo1


sorry, should have watched the whole video before commenting :P

Gacha Blossom

Is it bad she is taking about not using phones yet I’m using a phone right now?

Keith Flagg

Wow copying pewds are we 🤔

Topher Vogt

St.louis cards ftw🐦🐦

Nathan Crouch

It sounds like something DEATH would say.😅😇🙏

Matthew Lui

Rest of the world: We need wave breakers to dissipate the energy of waves

Alymashrol Damit


ulises nino

highschool of the dead has some GREAT plot twist


Some of those shots look fake

Gavin Murray

Keep up the good work, ladies man Guru Kid.👌🔥#Notification squad

mashed lib

She is not your mother I thought you ment something different

Respondona Tucci

If i had depression and my parents do believe me, i come at a point that i need they see, if i kill myself, they will cry and understand, when i was not alive, this give me happiness, make they feel guilty is rlly fun


loved the final Easter egg ^_^

Crippled Zero

i almost cried lol

lyndie freistroffer

That's sad I'm sorry that happened


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