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Thanks gais, udah mau mampir di channel saya ,Jangan lupa tonton video-video sayaa lainya jangan lupa juga untuk pencet tombol :✔LIKE✔SHARE✔S U B S C R I B ETonton juga :Ambigu -Reggae version:- SMVLL version :serindu rindunya - Reggae :4 backsound gaming :bumi seksine :FOR WACTHING ! !

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deadly manex


andrew wiggins

this vid was made on my birthday

Justin Calam

Who the hell is Panda?


Spam tastes amazing. you just have to fry it good and eat it with rice or in a breakfast sandwich

Vid Sok

The Dance it from Cambodia 💪🇰🇭


dan S

I’m a biggest fan of both of you

Sean Ru

2k19 anyone?


I have depression due to issues at home, it started when my father choked my mother and I was young.. All I could do is just scream and pull him with all my strength. I can't get any help at all. I live under a strict family and even if you wanna cough at midnight you'd mostly get punished.. Plus what makes me more hurt is that my friend said he got depression over his favorite Idol, after wards when I cutted myself I told him. He said ' I don't care anymore I don't have any depression anymore lmao ' it hurted ME. I couldn't take it anymore. I ended our friendship months ago, I don't have any regrets. I like to keep myself online so I can express myself as I have to wear a mask everytime I go offline.

DragonGamer Boy

Yeah 5:07

Beck Bond

It's ok Yakko.

Faith Samuel

I cried, who else did ? 😭😭😢

maytalyn tata sean

That's awesome

sergio morales

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Brooklyn Jones

It's like the ending of walking dead


congrats on 500k subs dude! you stuck with it throughout the tough times and now you've made it. keep it up :)

Ruby 497

I recommend a channel I watch on YouTube. DissociaDid. They also have dissociative identity disorder. I really like their channel and it may help.

SAV 07

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Heather Renee

Congrats to you both!!! Labor is crazy, I had my daughter a little over a year ago in my bathroom alone!! It was scary but we got through it! Lol I’m so happy for you guys 💗


I’m not a fan of frozen but the usage of color is beautiful

A- A


My lil Mancha(13yo), she started doing her Tongue just like that after the last round of tooth extractions became necessary. [Only 3 left :( ] She's about the same size as Marbles, but with longer white hair. Gonna be a mess when she finally has to leave us. Isn't it great how being out and about with a little one just makes everybody friendly with you! Enjoy your time with your little one :)

Luci Reid!

Why do all the videos the person sounds the same

Oliver Munday

I’m watching in 2018


Whats funny is that I did a homeless paragraph on a day of a life of a homeless person, and it turns out that my person in the story was actually from Mexico....

Jason McInturf

Gaming room


Wait, at 3:42 I heard an npc say "you got some kind of skin condition under that stupid suit?" you think that's a reference to deadpool?

its an easter egg

shadowtrooper 262

the bear easter egg is a creepy one.

Skyler Cloudust Pony


snow Rhaian

dude congratulations for your amazing work, keep it up, because now I'm a subscriber

Tyshon Ware

Epic games plz can I get 800 vbucks username is yeon the


There was too much sex in this series imo


Skimmer 767

Did anyone realize at the end his voice was changing


Nested Menu