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Tejas Pratap

05:00 shortcut to the thing you wanted to watch

Jonathan Ratcliff

I love these so much!!!!

dhanush salian

jolly it is man how can these guys do


The Korey in the house joke. I am fucking dying laughing.

Rylie Pat.

I just now realized that most of the videos on this channel are told by the same person. I’m not hating or anything but MOST of the videos are. Not all.

XxČøčø Čøøkìęš are you?

lamb sauce

who tf calls the time tables multiplication tables

Nathan Keller

“But some of you would call me a douche” killed me



Max Reston

Probily took him 10000 times

Faded, chewing drugs like Pacman (chump)

סול בירון

im crying in my bed im scared to even have a husband or give birth 😭😭😢😱😳


My mom raised me on her own and she is my hero, i don't think you're mean. You did the right thing👍


Nice! Personally i only knew five. So, what movie do you think will win Best Picture this year?

p r e c i o u s m e l o d i e s

Which is which the brown hair is her ex and the black hair dude is the "JERK" she's talking about but tbh she's the jerk one!


What the name of song 0:55-1:26 please i need the name of the song

Hanley Callahan

I can't stop listening to this. shit slaps HARD.


Krishna Subedi

Ty and his dad looked most alike

Dj Doughty



Who's watching this in 2020

I say:

Andrew Krebs

I like how the pokedex at 4:00 says that ditto is ghost and fighting

TheKittyKrafter Aesthetics

Roses are on fire


Well the bigest problem in our society is sugar if u eat sugar with fat then our body can’t process the fat witch makes one fat, many diseases we have to day is do to sugar

ur hair is more important

Lucas Animations

Sorry, but...


The people that disliked the video are people that make fun of another person that has a brain tumor and cancer.

Lily White

Garret roasted Kobe Bryant sooo bad by saying that Ty was the Kobe Bryant of baseball my hogging the ball! 😂😂

Jonathan Wagner

@4:34 when I say I’m going fishing



Why can't they expand??? I want one in Ohio!!!


No idiot this was not made by infinityward or treyarch so your theory is wrong

Chance_ Chiby42 loves connor

Im sorry but....

Nice Bro.


please sub :(

Ulrike Klatt



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