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Happy 2019! and we will all have good luck don’t thank that other comments are true it’s not

Brennan Hogan

film with aviln kamara

Liam platt

Do one at burnley turf moor

Creepy_ Leaves

Do a firs,t try edition

Me: *Yeah but your still paralyzed.

Portia Larson

Public school ware you go to a building is brick and Mordor school.


Br 🇧🇷

Joshua Avila



You have not seen good movies.

cait newton

it was a dragonfly

Joseph Brickley

How in the freaking world do they do this

Mishi Wishu

Ah yes, I was bullied because I didn’t want “the gays” having basic human rights. I totally have it worse than the gay people who are harassed, oppressed, and belittled everyday, yep. Feel sorry for my kAWaii AniME EyES please!

Stephen Wollman

Hockey fans, who else is a little miffed that at "wives vs. Chad" they couldn't name a wrist shot for hockey? (At least not in a while, no offense to dude perfect)

Barbara Buckner

She kind of looks like Violet from Incredibles except with wavy hair

Bucket List Retreats

I have to say my group of friends were magnificent in our 30s, 40s & 50s ... now our 60s don't look so scary... take care of yourselves..its a long life if you are lucky! XO, Kelly I'll get that brush!

" I beat the shit out of her until she called me pretty."

Maybe you can get them to write down a few things when they could, about what they like, what they did... a sentence or two. A way to communicate with yourself. Idk... pretty interesting story though. Hope you hear nothing but good news from now on. Hagn.

Daniel Lira

2:38 look! alot of balls inside there! 3:05 still alot of balls! wow there awesome!


This is actually really sweet!


the song is annoying

Adrián De Lucio

Great videos

Martha Madigan


I don't got time for lies and jokes


0:12 i have that font!!!

TheEmeraldNinja Girl

How do I tell them that when my Mum went to hospital I suddenly got it?

D'haeyer Arthur

magic !!!! <3


Is this in Britain as that's a football/soccer pitch


so pumped for infinite

c hansen

First try or 579 the try you see only what they want you to see

"Well My chrome is doing that to me when I am not Lesbain and 10 yrs old"

Jitesh Uikey

Is that panda cory cause everytime panda is shown, cory is absent. Some says that panda is cory.


Freedom of speech does not mean acceptance of speech. They still talk to me.

Cyber Peacock

Ouch move out of the way people Dabs away tears We got an anxious and avoidant type right here.


You are fake you cut past the video

Jessica Fields



how about 426 likes?!

HIME • Ziplex

in map is guru word

themokey king



I know that CoD Finest Hour has some cool easter eggs though..

Mr. Flipper Dude

Seeing all those kids smiling is the best part of the video

Robertson Ranch

Do a texas one

Sayori ;p



I have bad depression and anxiety and schools not helping tomarrow is the 2ed day of school I am taking off;(

Nuclear Leftovers

Did anyone else get the Offspring reference.

Jael lyons

imagine the hell that pilot went through flying with a stank ass snake

Brooke McKay

U forgot “The Coaches Pet”

U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

You play so many different games Guru, I bet your Steam library is so full haha


This video should be called talos principle Easter eggs. That line about it not being a great year for Easter eggs is baloney and a cop out. There were a ton of games with Easter eggs.

Jimmy Chen

You should have reported him

Fernando Correa

Fan community: we will see pandas face, huh?

Ricardo Alberto

hey guru, you remember the pedobear in the pokemon go Easter eggs video? that was funny i thought it was appear in the video but still is a hella gold video :3

jimin is a thottie

listen baby boi,    

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