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GamerBoy Two

Real trick shots

Nicole bam


Gamerkitty Corn


Ian Montgomery

Why does he have to practice throwing if he’s a wide receiver?

FaZe Perley

Look at 2:59 look we’re the spoon hit

Instant Gamer 101

Omg just have sex

Eric Acosta

It's obvious she has some stress because cancer and hair loss happens to the cause of stress.


O fuck i didn't watched the vid yet and then i realized that there was battlefield 1943 :P soz guru lol

I Luv H.C

ooooooh fatal frame my 1st horror game in ps2

Dante Alighieri

Mumble rap

_ GZS_

The back, the normal way, the mouth, the penguin style and inverted penguin style


your voice is so similiar to ih8everything

Dalila Rocha

I have a Toxic Mom.

Rose_Maria 18

I have to say is stupid Trump!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

MRX Gamer

Ty is the best

Anthony Guardia

The best end

Yt blaze Spirit

I think Brazil or France

Assoaciates in Law

Done easter


A-Rod's throw to the balloon is extremely impressive.

Ranzen Lopez

Triple h rage monster

Dream Fighter Sunami

Can alkohol came to chitchat?

Christopher Young

My name's Chris young and Omg you guys rock and I love to watch your videos keep up the good work and good luck with the new trick shots wish you guys all the best

Smol sexy bean


Mack Martinez

Bro kuz really doesn’t keep a wallet pulled his card out his pockets😂😂💀


Waited 5 months for this .____.

ItsMe_LexiDabzzz Hehehehe

U aRe ThE NeW fLaSh!

memeles michael

What does tailgate mean

Davindra Jaganath

I love you'reyou Tob boss


2:19 When US banned Huawei

T-manslayz The king

Cody shave

But guess who's doing exactly what I expected? You, oh holy Guru, you.

oke K

She's personality could use some serious work not his...bojo kaoyo buing ay..


Pareciera que fue ayer cuando estabamos esperando esa gran actualizacion que nos decepciono a muchos

min yoongi

Is it weird that I compare myself to kpop idols


At 34 sec in is that panda

GU KingOfHeart

This would be too hard for me to watch. For me, it was a dying mom who turned into a monster

Alex 632175

I hate north korea FUCKKK THEM

ϝр᥉ Newcouth

New Hit

BenThe Comedian

This is sad....... this is my cousins story. I’m glad u shared it Queenie (aka Leila)

Angel delissa

I have my story I need advice

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