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R Odedra

wats the song at the end called

aja gonzales

Rip rip

sergio ponce

Oof you got hit by an egg

ฤทัยทิพย์ พัดประดิษฐ์


kennedy clough

What is this?


When that easter egg music popped up, it scared the crap out of me! lol!

Jaden Amaya

Ty pure luck

Sarah Henches

Is this gonna unite Elsa Moana and Pocahontas (probably not but that would be so cool)

Beth Parnell

16:11 they bite the same corner of the toast 🧬

Friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

kaesariandi ahmad


Revan Aulian Official

Yeayy frozen 2

Kevin Johnson

2:00 Me just before i wake up...

Anas Khan

I like you cody

meme central

Hi thank you for making your videos I just past out and you guys made me happy again

Azamat Bagatov

just bought an alligator i aint talkin lacoste😭

Luciano Alonso

can i ask what stadium is that? it's a pretty stadium

Raggedy Anastasia

...thank you.


I was a premie so unfortunately my mom had to feel more pain when I came out


0:52 plumbing must cost a CRAP ton (bum dum bum tsss)

B Holz

At 3:15 in the video ty is in the background


Also, if you pay attention to the background audio of some scenes, you'll notice that penny wise is always watching, wether through the TV, or as mentioned by guru, brief appearance

Amanda Wade

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortnite General

this is wayyyy to sad to watch.

Keaton W

Hey Guru, you know Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars not alien :)

Victor Navarro

Nice warriors💪


Usa all the way

I have a vitiam allergy (Can't remember which one but my mum knows xD.)

Alexander Clapp

Srry if this was already mentioned, but there is also a dark elf from Thor:the dark world in the collectors room.

Landon Stuart

Coby cotton dream team always and forever!!!! Also 2018 anyone?

Mario Sanchez

A ball room so coby code sink


December 2017?


Happy new year Guru, hope that 2018 brings you peace and more amazing videos for you to upload here :)


you can play giant volleyball

Tyranno Tube

Wait.. I’m not the only super fan? :0


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