Udemy vs Pluralsight which one is right for you?

Looking to learn tech skills online? Udemy and Pluralsight offer courses and tons of tech topics. Programming, it security, even UX and design. So what's the difference between Udemy and Pluralsight? We're going to compare the two and find out!If you find your self saying, "Udemy or Pluralsight?" Press play to find out more.

Joshua Rabino

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Islam Ghdukc


9 year old Stuff :P

What was the secret game?

Piya Jaiswal

Hi Asher...love u and ur video....I'm a huge fan❤😍❤

Lulu Arsa

This is so relatable!

KaiserRedGamer - SimplePlanes

i dont remember groupthink because i always go against the crowd

Hamad Sultan


Travis Kleypas

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jasmeen asif

Garrett is funny


This is basically me everyday XD



Nik Šilc

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Creation 123

I came to this channel because of friend of mine and I am never leaving


In my opinion one of the catchiest hooks in a minute.

Wyatt Moberly

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FortNite_ Clips

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Mazen Al Abdallah

I'm a teenager rn and my parents tell me to work hard and get good grades right now to be happy later

Davihana Walker


Cooper Olson

whats with the cords comming our of their backs

Banana Penguin

so did they do double the work this time doing this and then editing or no?

Elise Richardson

my favorite shot was making it rain

The greatest show on earth

The rage monstar


Why is Cody wearing a lebron Jersey then a curry jersey

Hunter M

Was that big building DPHQ2 before it was finished?

Marcello Di Meglio

Germany is going to win the World Cup

Princeton Fulton

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Ofelia Elizondo

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Gaming Spotlight

If you hyped for this movie, something not right


11:07 "пиздец, что за хуйня?" :D

Mom: It's time for a bath

Tyler Mack

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Riyadh Smith

When she goes to the so called “therapist” it looks like the rapist ☹️ who else saw that 😕


The first one is obvious fake. Your editing skills suck.

Hector Zamora

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Liliana Escobedo

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DJ Selectsquare

can't stress enough how much i love these videos.

Feel Fheer

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c.a jayaraman

Watching in 2017

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Zidane Rafique

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PJ Da Bomb

Football and helicopters a day well spent

Say this audibly 108x a day at a stretch for at least 31 days at a stretch "I love and accept myself the way I am". If you miss a day, you have to start from scratch. You will create a new neural pathway that will work for you and any shame or self loathing will melt away. You will be able to keep all your resolutions. Your subconscious mind may try to sabotage you by getting you to forget; so be sure to make it a part of your morning routine.

Steven Mekoliavitch

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Rachel Walker

jimmy be sayin “thank you very much” before anyone claps lol

Whitney Dahlin

This is such bull shit. Anorexia is a serious mental illness. It isn't about how you look and you can't give yourself anorexia on purpose or just by crash dieting. Anorexia is about feeling out of control and how food is the only thing you can control. It isn't about thinking you are fat when you aren't. That is body dysmorphia. By simplifying and lying about what anorexia is and how you get it you are being super offensive and spreading misinformation. You should be ashamed of yourself


I can say they have better trailer than the first one

وائل عقلان



-most of you kids on here- "OMG why does he have a gun?" "Is that a gun?" "He has a gun!" "Whoa, nice gun!" ...It's just a gun -.- Maybe they had some fun with it before this golf shot.


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