Unbelievable Friendship! People and Wild Animals - 2017 - YouTube

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Lia Leung

Early for once

Creptized FN

the dude in the chair next to tyler is the panda

Alrick Kerketta


He attacc


I cried...

Nub ParrotOptimus

And this is why you should never, ever send nudes to someone like this

zaid afiouni

huge golf

Smitty 05521

Who else is watching in2017?

gg gg

I like Tyler!O:-)

Samuel Peters

I was at a ball game and I wondered why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger, then it hit me


That fucking noise 31:05

Subrata Pandit


Jasmine Gensler

Happy birthday marble! Also jenna can you do another meme reveiw. (Meme👏reveiw👏3)


8:33 well at least we now know what direction Tokyo is


that last one got me

Girls ALWAYS say boys cant fight back


8:31 Creepers.No matter what.They WILL get you.

Líke and süb to activaté

Prem 8bp

5:26 is he wearing anything or nude

miles from earth

my dad is all about empty promises. he's been gone almost all of my life and still says "im getting better! come visit me sometime!". if only. last time was bad enough.


I think Germany will win in 2014

Rocky Wright

That is so connect 4


i thought jesus was the thumbnail lmao

This girl is so lucky

Harrison Reynolds

Babish, You should do any one of the hundreds of dishes from Food Wars. For example, the transformation rice from episode 2.

Francis Gavin

#panda panda bllllaaaaa

Patrik Földházi

2:26 music?

Sean Sachs

A some me and my dad watch you guys every day

But it's always ty D:

Bandit A

Am I the only one that think he sounds like wolf from Payday?

Ahmed Safa DP

"time for me to hit the weights!"

Buffy McMuffin

How about "Pussy Galore" in Goldfinger?


DRG we Made itttt

arash ghalenoyi

OMG why im crying


#sad i cryed for 3 days


There’s one of these literally 2 minute walk near me

Max H

La pelote basque va très vite aussi les balles vont a 120 km/h


Pitfall 2 and H.E.R.O. =D

Judy Chen

0:16 0:17


Mayby you subs my chanel


3:50 why on earth did I look at the sign and think it said ‘the rapist’ not ‘therapist’ xD I’m sorry xD


I have stomach pains as a kid and I don't know why but sometimes the pain is about through 1 to 10 it sometimes will be 5 but once I had a ten it was the worse pain I had ever had and I had a headache too which made it further then then 10 and I was bursting out in tears of pain and I don't know how long it was but it felt like years! I really hope this never happens again and don't say this is not true because it was real and so painful!

1 search for eastereggs

Alexander Sharp

Tye's trophy presentation awesome

Karan Multani

Camper Cody

Zachary Carroll

Canada sucks balls



Valorop954 Jairo

This is like bubble gum simulator from ROBLOX

Kenji doan

#2 one of the gayist jokes I've ever seen

Infinite Greatness

That was the right thing to do! If you see something you say something. If there's abuse then speak up. Bruises and cuts? Call her a slut! Just let a girl be if you dont love her boys, just break up with em. Get soneone your into. Thank goodness theres people like you.

Trebuh Nabruh

Very good movie Guru, as always ;)

Joe Urnek

Do more hockey


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