How to Clear All Cache in Windows 10 - YouTube

How to Clear All Cache in Windows 10In the video we will be removing cache files on a windows computer.These places will be Temp Files, Disk Cleanup, Windows.old, Explorer History or any browser history, Windows Store Cache,Windows Search History, Prefetch Files, Browser Cache, software distribution download, Location cache, Edge cache, and more.join our forum

Matthew Crs

Well I love someone and she likes me but for the most saddest thing is she's moving school and well it's weird because it's kinda like this story



Iskandar Giusti

Dude perfects tricks shot are better than my trickME: I can only these trick shots:cap flip,double cap flip,rail flip and lower floor flip

Daniel Williams


Erjan Mukashovф


Maria Price



Man naughty dog puts some time into these easter eggs. I love it!

Rifky Daffa


Tricia Provence

Busch Stadium

Kelly Holt


Friends friends

XaviEr 65

guru...if you playing on ps3 what is your psn?

French Soldier

4:57 look the teddy bear




Keep up with the good stuff, awesome videos man!

kookies and tea

I'm called attractive & alot of boys like me, but I'm bisexual & currently have a girl crush, and, my girl crush hated me for liking her, so, for a year, I couldn't move on until a nice, funny girl crushed on me, she was my first ever girlfriend. I made my girl ex crush regret, but, the boys were bullying my girlfriend, the boys who crushed on me. Once I found out, I stood up for her, the boys went away for a month. She said that, If I wasn't with her, they'd come, so almost every lunch & recess I would wait for her infront of her class. I guess you could call me tomboy, cause I act like a boy, I like basketball & I'm the best player in our school, so, if you're a tomboy, don't be afraid to show it, just, stay humble and be kind to everyone, and they will accept you! 😊

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That's kinda offensive lady... I WAS YELLOW TWO!!!


I love how you used jacksepticeyes intro and outro do you watch him by any chance?

kim jisootazza2with

Im 12 and i can relate to the comments. My dad says im a horrible kid and slaps me sometimes. I dont know if thats child abuse but i dont think it is. My mom is pretty kind and caring but she gets mad at me if i dont fulfill what her priorites. One time i was in an orchestra concert and i had done violin in the past so my parents expected me to be the best. When the concert was finished i went to my mom and i asked if she saw me. She immediatly started harshly asking me why i wasnt in they first chair or something and that i should be the best. I kept in my tears and cried when i got home.

Will Wilcox

I'm at

John Burgoyne

check yourself before you shrek yourself

Kürbis Fanta 148

I'm not in a relationship, but I know I'm definitly the secure type and somehow I really like the avoidant type ( in films )

Cindy Hernandez

This game looks so interesting

Steve Mills

Didn’t even look hurt to me just doesn’t want to play for the warriors anymore

Jackie Koll

I missed the ringer cuz I sneezed

Koko Mmc

#YIAYjob she does some charity work. like taking care of jenna's dogs! #positivity

Chris S

You've just been invalidated your whole life. It's an adaptation, not a disorder. Find people who value and validate your emotions and your beliefs and you're healed. Recognize that and stop identifying with the belief that there is something wrong with you. We can't control our childhood experiences.

Edit: do not add likes to my comment. It has 69 likes now and I want it to stay that way.

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Pander dunker

Hopefully, I don't leave you on your own

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i wanted the college kids to shutup, because i was actually trying to hear the videos

অবাক পৃথিবী

এগুলো এডিট করা যায় :p

Luke Mathew

philly cheesestake

Jayla Legacy

This is how many times he said money Also i never realized how relatable this is. In the back of my head I know I'm extremely anxious all the time, I over think everything i do and hate everything i am but I never really thought this could be relatable because I always play down how much of a problem it is.

I love men So much

Why so popular?

jjang meot

My favorite 4:05

Anthony Nation bearly any content

They have 500k higher than WWE IN SUBS


Try Mount Everest


Is this a JoJo's reference?

Alexandr Panda

Тупое занятие, бесполезное

Zorawar Singh

'Icy' what Disney did here....

Minesweeper Legend

#YIAYjob idk but it’s more real than your job

Tamica Estave


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The Big Daddy was dead and the Little Sister was crying over it's dead body.

Erin Burns

Who is 🐼 do a face reveal plz

Ran Dank

ummmm ur a dolphin not a tomato

Fluttershy Nimation

Pls, explain how Kristoff meet the trolls

Story Time

This was uploaded on my b-day

Nathan Zabala

Oh no

This girl needs to be my friend


do you know about hidden mickey mouse in every disney movie?


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