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The Dr Twins

I’ve had a little kid ask if I was pregnant so I’m just gonna except the fact that I’m fat


The ball is going so fast that the affect of the wind is small so it curves a little to get right to the hoop.

No kids = no family



A- A

Sutton Does Cool Stuff

hi dude perfect

why wouldnt she want inches on her hips? are ppl still tryna be skinny

Housing construction has to be modified to make building more hurricane resistant. This would best be done with the involvement of Insurance companies: Require them to have hurricane insurance, but tie that into the mode of construction.

Hvorfor er du her?


If you can relate to this then dont be afraid of answering :)


The best game of century

Hack To Scratch Golf

This was the first dude perfect video I ever watched

David Ziba


Gaming with Jonathan


man I really have to piss


Poor 🐼

chichi mars

Never trust a guy who says what is said 3-5 years into a relationship on the first day.

Rayan Ourari

But what is happiness ? 😞

Scott Hymas


Andrew MacKenzie

How many try's does this take u well 1 video a week I do not wanna know


40:32 yeah Ethan, we know, that’s how you got into this situation in the first place

I also subscribed hoping to be the one to push it to 10M... I was not the one 😔

Joshua PaskVan

Kobe: "I got 81 of em." LEGEND

is this an specific OCD or am i normal?

Marsha Braudrick

I should of worked cashier shift today

Sayuri Haruno

This TU person makes really good art.

EricDad Beast

Guys why don't you do a lego one and like if you agree

Roopam Shyam

Hi Tyler you married a.


Next one? These are so cute

Tobias Rehm

great video! as always of course.

Sydney T


TheBrownieLord Vu

The most beautiful thing I seen in the world FOOD

Benjamin Adelson

Please tell everyone to subscribe to guava juice


Golf basketball? Hell ya


5 People playing Fortnite squads together

Da Cheesebuns


Kaj Lachowski

Hey Guru, after seeing that Inside easter egg - how did you like the game? What did you think of the ending(s)?

Brandon Garcia

who is panda

illMixzT YT

Did you guys know LEGO break your record by 1117 ft

king cozy

who is waching in 2017?

Tan Kah Heong

the next battle i think will be bbgun battle

Levy Ocampo

Hm wonder why this wasnt on the news cough fake cough

Shreya Som

I am telling ya all jungoo himself edited this.

Brady Foret

I JUST LIKED my own comment

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