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How to make a Login form on Visual Basic/Studio 2008/2010/2012*Code will work on mentioned versionsCode:"ryuuichie" with your own username and replace "adminpass" with your own password*Do not erase the quotation marksSubscribe :)



Sophie Bartholomew

who is the panda

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Dylan Soules

#10 was like if someone had their period

Olfers Bowling

Bowling trickshots 3 with Jason Belmonte, Jakob Butturff and E.J. Tackett

Alexander Fernandez

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Mana Watt



Ricardo is fake dp is real

Nora Shemon



I really like the easter eggs in this game^^


whos the guy in the background at2:09

in 5th grade, I liked this boy

juliano siegenthaler

There is a easter egg on Trials Fusion, the lava dlc. Where in one of the levels the female talks about a golden ring that didn't melt in the lava. ( lord of the rings ) sry 4 my english.

I remembered his promise to me that he will be there on my graduation day..

teenagers scare me


Shel Wolfy

sees title

Emily Foster

Why does this have dislikes? 👉🦋🥰

Jeffrey Fox

Good job James

Thom Hendr

Congratulations ty on the new born

Max Dust

don't be scared the monster's are just going to eat you and scare the ** out of you


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Pip Pipster

The symptoms are, you get a target 🎯 on your head and you look like your sucking fresh eggs 🥚

Daniel Gomez

Now that I know that the Royal Arendelle family are on their way on a big adventure outside of Arendelle, we will get the chance to see of how Elsa got her ice powers.I do believe that when they find it oh, it will be the Snow Queen. I really do hope that when they find out the truth and hopefully see the snow queen, I hope that Frozen 2 will be based in the main of The Snow Queen story like from the book written by Christian Hans.I also do hope that the Snow Queen is Elsa's True Mother, I also hope that the Snow Queen will be the villain of Frozen 2. But most importantly I really do hope that Elsa and the Snow Queen get into a big battle using their powers against each other, like Harry Potter and Voldemort and even Mickey Mouse and Maleficent from Fantasmic.Of course you all remember Fantasmic at Disneyland, Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and Tokyo DisneySea

Shanza Mohiuddin

I was crying my eyes out

LOL I have a name nobody else has!

I am definitely the Hungary shopper and cart rider.

Fernanda Prieto Flores

I cried, I have lovedddd this video

Scubba Dubba

Actually it's going to be a series

Silly Ally

1:07 oh ho ho the CEREAL ISLE

Ahmed Rahimi


Natalie Godinez

I can relate

Tadhg Coleman

My gusty call is Coby will win

Blah Blah

#YIAYjob She works at a desk but she doesn't actually work she watches your videos and pretends she doesn't know what yiay is


I don't think you've ever done Futurama. Slurm, popplers, manwiches, bachelor chow, anchovy pizza, the list goes on and on.

Bbradly Garland

I like the one where u jump up and... Dunk

j u s t i n

is this a doc ock tease? hMM

bjorn skatez

I like out respect

Panda don't worry you are also my favourite

Jay's Vlogs

Just goes to show that tech always has a flaw. Like when vape was invented. People say its safer, but it makes you more prone to smoking actual cigarettes. In this case, "Mist" is like real life vape. They say it's a healthy alternative, but in the end it was flawed.

Hüseyin Esad ÖNER

yusuf ?? are u turkish ??

Sara Cobb

Not Garret bc he doesn’t have hair


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