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Mit dem neuen ID.3 will VW groß in den Elektroautomarkt einsteigen. Eine eigene, spezielle Elektro-Plattform (MEB) wurde mit einem Milliarden-Aufwand entwickelt. Damit sollen alle Konzernmarken fit für die E-Auto-Zukunft werden. Den Anfang macht 2020 der VW ID.3. Alexander Bloch zeigt in seinem Innovations-Check, was das E-Auto zu bieten hat. Reichweite, Akkutechnik, Ladeleistung und viele weitere Punkte werden in dieser Review erklärt. Ist der ID.3 das innovativste E-Auto auf dem Markt? Bloch erklärt #64-----------------------------------------Im TV: auto motor und sport channelZu empfangen über folgende Pay TV-Plattformen:Unitymedia (NRW, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg)M7 (D, A, CH, L)Cablecom (Schweiz)Swisscable-Verband (Schweiz)UPC Austria (Österreich)Deutsche Telekom (Deutschland)Zattoo (Schweiz)A1 Telekom (Österreich)1&1 (Deutschland)Neuheiten, Tests, Fahrberichte und alles rund ums Auto findet ihr auch hier: Website:

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Coby and cory are looking cool B)

Elusive Meme


Nurinator 477

Iwill join Cobis Team

Mark Hazleton

i used to be able to make long 1-handed throws...now when i try it feels impossible almost.I would love to throw the ball from THAT far up in the arena though...i would need a few racks of basketballs though...and ALOT of re-takes!!! we would need to recharge the camera battery a couple times....GJ.

Evan Gregory

Dear Sam The Cooking Guy,

vladimir filipovic

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No way I just had an ad about golfing!

Mujeeb Rahman

Ball launch swisher

Jacko_Wacko 24YT

You should race petrol powered golf buggies/carts next



Miryam Elhayek

You have to do one with Ryan Higa 90% kids


Nobody:Disney: call of duty nazi zombies theme sounds good

Fabricio Saenz Solano

I think Germany will win

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yeah, i don't know why I said uncharted 3 i just meant to say uncharted

lana mori

I was trying to avoid every video like this and telling myself I'm okey but...... Here I am having all symptoms


They’re so funny and talented.


I thought it was from a boys perspective being racist

Benson Li

Endgame a anybody?

Wrap Wraper

Camera movement is just amazing, world class stuff from Cole as always.

Vic this channel is dead

i didn't cried so hard for 3 months but this. its broken how she lost her husband and the baby :'(

Jack Is cool

Wys her choc green

You Tabe

Lebron James should be next

Zack Plays

My grandpa died before I was born 😭


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This is horrible. I can’t believe someone would put themselves through that. I hate to see people do things to themselves because they feel out of place.

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Yama is so cute and gentle OMAYGOD I CANT--


Lil Baby and Gunna is soo ass on this song

2 weeks later


The movie you are about to see

-. - neko fan

Yey the green one win i love green

wowowow Ediwow

How much is your rc

Kaneki Kaneki

The big thin pancake you made is a "palataschinke" its Austrian

yuzi 89

Rug is Gucci

TryHardQuesadilla Productions

3:00 who just has a saw right next to them while they're watching a basketball game totaly normal


I grow up alone

Mc Avenged

How do you make every game you show look so good??

Erin works?

Skill Gkill

And stop even get me started on the headache and the pain it's so annoying

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It's because people who play gears of war love cocks.


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