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A comprehensive overview of the new features of C# 7.Links to some of my online C#/.NET courses:Mastering LINQ with C# and .NETParallel Programming with C# and .NETInjection in C# and .NET with the Autofac LibraryMastering Reactive Extensions with C# and .NET

Liz Meehan

Team ty


I've been there before the fudge is really good


Well I can relate so much in fact I just want to die cuz I got nothing to do in life its just every time I bring like 18'1/2 out of 20 mom gets mad srlsry I tried my best but my parents don't see it

Quinn Webster

you should do a basics episode on plating

Shane Nay

Dude akward😆😆😆😆

MdXS ultimate

the last Easter egg I thought it was some thing to woo the ladies

علي ماكس

cool playing

Phil Dog

Wait, that's it? Really? That's all we're getting?

Sergio Baltazar

I'm dying lmao

Rogan Jones

Tyler Lockett

type games. I know some Final Fantasy games does have guns in them. But they are literally the only exception for me.


Build that wall and Mexico will pay for it.


I would spend all that money in investing in real estate.

X Tina

People: complain when a trailer gives too much away Also people: complain when the trailer keeps some mystery 😂

Peyton VINE

3:29 😂🤯

Snowyyy u

Fake they used a green screen a green ball and green football I have seen someone do it

Thierry Dupont

0.30 French people

Lavilla Lavilla

Almost the same thing happened to my aunt when she gave birth except her baby was only 1 pound

Susmita Dutta

Hey why you hit my lovely littlepanda🌴🐼🐼🌴🐼🐼🌴🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🌴🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🌴🌴🌴🐼🐼🐼


how are the halo 3 monkey people creepy? They make me laugh if anything. also, have you put the gravemind speech easter egg in any of your videos? that is by far the the scariest easter egg I have ever known. I first found out about it 6 years ago, and it continues to haunt me!

NxV_ tears

So your mom is your real mom? I don't get sorry

Francisco Apilado

Stick to them basketballs boys haha

Friðrekr Bjǫrk


Peyton Teddlie

Tyler's is the best to me

jack gill

0:40 shoot it ffs shooooot it

The Pixel Panda Vlogs

Several of these meet the exact professional definition of the word yeet

vijay Sekhar

You did reverse in 00:30

Sidomar Jimale

He’s fine

Endrws Werjer



OMG i miss this game so much!

Casey Risner

Outback is so much better in my opinion!

Gonzalo Vanini

Do you seriously log in to 22 different accounts just to like your crappy spam comment? What the fuck do you do with your life? Piece of shit.

Розовый Богдан

3:20 на русском

Hilmand Gomulwal

this title is very misleading

Joowon Um

this is just so sad wth i cried so much 💔❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💛💙💚💜💜❣️❣️💕💕😭😭😭

Maestrul Gamer

10:00-You already did about that one!!!

Rene Rodriguez

Damn nigga said “DAMN” 😂

EpicTank Gamer

Terrible thing to happen

gio marenco

lester mentions nico in a mission cutscene and trevor curb stomps johnny (main character of gta 4 dlc the lost and the damned) to death


Gaming with Adam

I vote forthepanda

Blue eyes


Khương Slingshot Hunging rules

Có ai VN ko



Tose Springs

He leaves to talk to his “aunt”

liam Nilsson

The best and cutest couple

Alana Doiron

Wait there twins?? Like if yes

Lena Herrington


Zach Welborn

Anyone who dislikes one of ur videos is just jealous of how awesome u r

Ohorat Sehunshi

Is this Emma Chamberlain???

Alyssa Smith

why is garret the one who is always getting hurt he got hurt in blitzball trickshots 3

Doris Pink

thx !


Make edds sauce from good burger

CR Gamer

Well The Seceret Is The Whole Developer "Square Enix" Have Following Illuminati.... If you don’t lik

Salty Scottiboi

I seem to be the only one that DOES NOT WANT a "realationship"

David Connors

yay coby!!!

Joy Marrington

I am the exact opposite I always try to loose weight but it’s not working I have tried many times even starving myself and exercising non-stop but it never works :(

Matheo Fernandez

whats the song in the last easter egg?

Brian Particka

Subbed to pewdiepie and dude perfect

Dominic Browne

cody will never win. it is 2019 now, and still no wins for him

Jerry Speis

How the fuck?!?!?!?


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