What does int argc, char* argv[] mean? - YouTube

In this tutorial I explain the meaning of the argc and argv variables that are often passed in the main function of a C or C++ program.Want to learn C++? I highly recommend this book - NEED MORE HELP? Connect one-on-one with a Programming Tutor.Click the link below:

Taylor G

Honestly I knew it was checkers

Hana Del

can i just say bryan looks lowkey like aladdin???????????????¿


Wow , you played all these games on different consoles/machines just to make videos for us clap One of the best youtubers 

Dancejeweled Pro

This is getting deeper by the minute of watching this trailer. ❄️☀️🔥🌊 plus it kindoff is puzzling together from the first teaser trailer.1). Elsa in the Ocean 🌊🐎2). Past is not what it seems 👸🏽🤴🏽👭3). Anna with Olaf through a cave ⛄️4). Pink flame burn forest 🌳🔥5). Travel back in time? ⏱6). Elsa powers becoming stronger and dangerous? ❄️7). Weird Diamond Symbols? 🔷🔹But what’s really confusing is the giant rocks? What?!

kurt craanen

Who else’s favorite is the rage monster

J and Z

Please make more short introductions on social psychology terminology. I learned more in this video then I did in class with my professor. Thank you.


Roller champions looks good.

Gabriel Kelly

that unicycle tho i want one

I'm sorry if I made a mistake xD

Lino B8nnici

This never came back.......

yes indeed

Your music choice and editing style is what makes your videos so enjoyable to watch 👍👍👍

Evan Montoya

This doesn’t make me trust mist



Nagul Shaik

do voice box in overtime 9

Thomas waterhouse

Theres predators, prey and meals on earth, I’m just saying

unsub now

Who's watching in August 2016

ZoAx_ EviiL

France 😎



Curly-haired girl: "O-oh... o-okay?" (you can literally tell that she's responding to being yelled at)

DRHAX102'S stuff

The Der Rise easter eggs kinda freaked me out a bit like the little money said ''Want to play a game''.

ExpensiveDerp Dude

Death is age-ist

Jack Dexter

Dude perfect you r awesome and go panda


You have a bad life

Noah Gibson

saw the boats in half


That shit hurted

Naqib Nizuyir

RIP Stefan Karl 🤧

William Benavides



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