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Learn web development fast:of the biggest fears of budding nerdlings, is whether they know enough to become a paid, professional coder or developer. The reality is that you don't, and you won't, ever know it all. There are just too many programming languages, too many frameworks, too many libraries for you to adsorb it all.... You need to understand that you will have to learn to code on a nerd-to-nerd basis. That is the nature of being a professional software developer.Tips:1. Learn the fundamentals of programming. 2. Do a few mini projects on your own.3. Go get a few freelancing coding jobs. Learn Python 3 fast: Entrepreneur Course: Instagram:

from some stuff i saw on the side (which i thought was advertising from before this came out) it looks like it would go the way of that one episode of El Tigre, where he and his friend got knocked into the land of the dead and they found out later that if they stayed too long then they too would become living-dead skeletons and woudlnt be able to go back.


danica brocoy

the guy looks like the big hero six it tadashi

Ysael Osoria

Lol 😂 garret

Seth Bryant

Happy Birthday, Garrett!


I hope things get better my parents still bully me so...

:the smor struggle



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My birthday is on the 24th of march to

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What drones did you use

Pero justo ahora me hizo pensar, en como la única manera que me dan de vivir es ir a la universidad y estudiar a la fuerza cosas que me estresan, no encuentro felicidad, y cuando les digo a mis familiares que la vida debería ser divertida, dicen que no, que lo normal es que sea de esta manera.


look forward to round 2

Sorry if it is real

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cody and luke's team name should be THE RED DEVILS

I'm sorry, that's fine

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I like the Miracle Berry Pill.

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Im 14 and currently in middle school but for some reason im pinning for this movie since the first one had me on my feet dancing and singing 6 years ago

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Vitamin B12 is becoming more and more available over time – inserted artificially in vegan products. There is no real necessity to eat meat at all to remain healthy and obtain everything your body needs. Reduce your meat intake, and do so responsibly by becoming aware of the alternatives.

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Infinite flight multiplayer and other games

She’s a bad mom wow 😲

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You are the greatest

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Poor panda! 🐼

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Wow this video was posted on my birthday... 😂 Can't wait for the next episode!

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self-promotion is not an easter egg, it's self promotion

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Though, girls still make the same damn mistake, we never learn

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How do you draw and colour so fast


2017: The Battle Is Building

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Their credit card companies are probably super confused

albert weiner


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Why does tyler always win in the battles

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pandas gone rogue

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Yok ebesinin ami

yeah okay.


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