Who Murdered Ashley Wilson? | Murder Mystery Documentary | True Crime

In January 2004, Renee Coulter called her daughter all day but got no answer, she assumed it was due to a conversation a few days before where Ashley told her mom she was pregnant. However, after five days of trying to get hold of Ashley, Renee visited her home and found her lying on the bed unresponsive. The 19-year-old had seemingly took her own life and detectives wrapped up the case, ruling it a suicide. But, Ashley’s mother and father were not happy with the story that their daughter ended her own life and put pressure on the detective. Despite their protests the case was closed. Did Ashley really take her own life?This series showcases that style, with the victim being all knowing but never revealing the killer. Instead, the viewer must piece together the who-dunnit based on clues provided by investigators and family/friends. Each case is real, using the tried and true crime story elements that we know make such compelling television. But the series gets its unique style and tone from the fictionalised (though based on truth) first-person narration in the voice of the victim from beyond the grave.Subscribe here for more true crime documentaries:

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