Why do big Companies use Java, and NOT PHP? - YouTube

Java vs PHP. More specifically, why is Java (and .NET) used by larger companies and PHP tends to be used by small medium sized business?Are there technical limitation in PHP 7 that prevent it from being used in big companies? Does Java and .NET share capabilities that PHP lacks? Or, is there something else going on?My popular courses:Learn web development fast:Python 3 fast: business courses:Complete Freelancer: Entrepreneur: social links:Instagram:

ABHI kr2231


Bryant Jensen

can u make a video that is just who the panda is

bacho bregvadze

archery ball

Natalie Eastman

I had no idea what it was, like I thought it was a tic-tac-toe board.

iiOcean_art •

People: People are dying because of cigarettes. There needs to be a way to stop this.

Bobby Jenkers

Man, I hate the way people say:

Sarah James

"the money he lost me"

dumb dumb

me: buys a unassembled jetskime: flying through the water oh yeah!!!!!


New York, please sink.

T Smoove



They should add Johny as kicker he's probably better at that

Science Nick

Team marvel forever


I wonder if they are going to take that last Easter Egg out of the game. The internet is getting pretty...​internet-y about that story.

hannah r

any of y’all remember when his channel was matthias? just me?

Lady Ienicle

Aww bless that sweet friend of hers! 💙

Say hi with Alex230

spaceballs scene was like funny to me :D

Chayton Gilmore

@xlPressMelxYeah lol

Evincer Fyle

That dart hitting the camera went through my neck

Became a teacher...

Kathleen Baggott

tyler bad a sports

Bindu tripathi

You all are the best

Madeline Zhang

2019? Lol

Rachel Nicole Rooney

What happened? Did she survive? Did she die? Are her kids ok? Is her husband seeing a therapist or something?

Multy Gamers


Mary Davila

Karina is the best sister

DJ Drohan

at 2:03 someone peed on the ground

Idk What to do with life

Where is the one that buys all the chocolate?

sacha falcone

Is it wird that the jerk guy reminds me of Dameon from sailor moon

They friends

Lucy Mastri

What about the water birth!!!!?????

Shadow_Plays Gacha

Spoiler in 4 words


the first one is not easter egg, it's just a cheat.

sooz lecter

30 years......oh god that's heart-breaking

Luke Cresswell

I like this guy!

Smaul Snellman

far cry 3 have a easter egg with the poster you go to some beach and there is a head in the ground 2 hanging body's and a knife.


I’m always waiting until tomorrow


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