Why every world map is wrong

Get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE! more of you sign up, the more money we get! Thanks so much!)How do you show a round earth on a flat map? Is it possible? Jay and Mark find out using an orange and a rolling pin. Written and presented byJAY FOREMAN @jayforemanMARK COOPER-JONES @markcooperjonesEdited byJAY FOREMAN @jayforeman CameraINDIA RAKUSEN @indiarakusenGreen screen provided byBLINK STUDIO SPACE to Bex Trista @tristabytesSee new episodes before anyone else, and get exclusive extras like out-takes and deleted scenes by signing up to my Patreon:

Libra freedom

omfg u're awsome

Follow the Mexican

what is a yofela

- Courtney Miller



Why is mirrors edge ur favorite game?


Thanks, and I do understand. But when I watch a video I give it a like automatically if it is something I clicked on the video to see. I know the creator used up their time in order to please their viewers. I just believe in giving back.

Wyatt Parker

The pickle I do that every DAY

Daniel Meloon

Every time you bring something up that’s from western NY I get a little hyped up. Love that your from somewhere close to me

Tadan Harris

U travel


These teachers need to be fired

shares it on the internet

Sunaki Haruno/Бог печенек

Орёт как лесная выпь

YouTube Frexiz

Finally we here your voice!

Fadumo Nuur

sad life

Paulina Andrea Vejar

temon de los temones <3 me encanta este hombre



The fortnite Bros

To how ever left a dislike on this vid you are a hater go to we’re thay are try to live there life and when you finely get to meet famous people come talk to me because this is a happy vid

Rashad Brown

Your story is healing me inside and out. Thank YOU. My mind was broken and listening too your story is putting it back together. I have ignored my family without meaning too for years not understanding when they were talking to me as well and others. I was bullied too for being different too just like YOU. I know what your going thorough. I was ashamed for years. Your story has BRIGHTENED my day. Like you I too connect intuitively with people who are just like me. I struggled with connecting with my family as well. I felt like a black sheep in the family. I connected more with nature and animals then with people. I have a huge imagination just like YOU. I felt like I was a Martian in school. You are a awesome person and Thank you.

Reid Ravnholdt

Do another one that was awesome

Edgar Flores

You should do one about Arrow or Flash, or Parks and Recreation

Ravendor Gamer

Team necklace

Ropezo ZX

You missed The Good Dinosaur.

If you don’t like sta

Matthew Pauwels

Like 75% of the comments are yesfriend: yes


Why would you want to make a memorial to your daughter scary?

Amy Anthony-harpham


Pikachu Kaminari

From the past two weeks ive had all nine symptoms

A M Gamers

Its been awhile


Like if your watching in 2015

BoringlyLiving As Angie

She sounds hella dumb lol but smart at the same time😂😂😂

hackers unite

Ogs would rember when it showed msthias bryan and j fred at the beginning of the introq


why didnt you put in the easter egg of the movie from the first map on black ops

_Bluem Kaat

Man. I’m glad I can relate to this! I’m allergic to dust, soaps, and especially pollen. Dust makes me have terrible sneezing attacks, along with extreme nose running. Lots, and lots of snot just pouring out of my nose. Same thing for pollen, except I also deal with itchy and swollen eyes and itchy faces. Lastly, the soaps make my skin extremely itchy. It’s unbearable. It’s like having an ant bite, but you cant stop the itch that is ALL over your foot. So when that happens, I have to rinse it for a good half hour to stop the itch. Another side affect I have to these allergies by the way, is a swollen throat. I have an inhaler with me just in case if I’m running or doing any sort of sport and my throat clogs.

oke K

Nge ipa hospital gyud dayun?...pwede mag pregnancy test nalang?...ka social gud.. Ipa hospital dayun😂

Bruna Zugno

Where can I find that plane??

Samanth Kumar

Do Arjuna’s trick shot

kurd haval

Yes itis

Leonard Andrei

Wait if you escape NK your family still in the country will get punished or even killed🤔🤔🤔😥😮

Bena Lena

no joke though if this happened i would have killed myself already


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