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John luis hipolito

I loveDoublemint and juicy fruit ⭕

Chorky Dorky

Get them next time


This should be in the olympics

Ian T


christian gromley


Juan Manuel Mendoza

1 like=north korea is fucked

Edit: click bait!


Im eating chips while watching this lol

Tín Đặng

Vietnamese ?

Aiymbyek Ydyrysh

Who has the best car🏎


1:19 when you step on a lego

Hamza Dot Z

How you did do that!?



This is weird to me and I don’t know what this is but, I like it.

onox gaming


Samuel Morton

the dp squad should have edited it XD

Yeha took me 3 years and im still at 76

Gabriel Menezes Bastos

at 1:01 had the eye that sees all

Crazy Gamer Kids

Photography. #Yiay

Térence Vigan

No, no, Square Enix. What kind of laziness is this ? I want a complete remake like FF7. And for yesterday, please. More seriously, if they remaster it, it means they won't remake it. A remake would have truly been cool. Maybe for the PS6 ?

Especially the music. Thanks for entertaining me again. Keep it up.

YeetMaster 21

1:26 Micheal Jackson

los gameplays de rolo

🔥🔥🔥 mi proximo suscriptor se llevara el pase elite no es broma 🔥🔥🔥


I'm actually a twin but my brother died when he was born it's a miracle I'm here and hadn't died with my brother.......he was alive for long enough for my father to take 1 picture. Some times I cry in my bed wishing I was the one who died.

illu minati

best channel on youtube

Well actually there’s no such thing as being perfect

Claire Comon

7:25In Arizona you would have already been in the pool!

Hawksfan 1988

3:08 was a bit much

Laken James

Wait, Michael has a son?

Ruli Mahri

Yang bisa cuma komen

Nick cheung

The kid in BTTF 3 is actually want to piss and he's trying to signal the director to cut

Joseph Is my middle name

try not to cringe

Caitlin Ryan

I clapped for you Tyler and also my boyfriends name is Robert

Colton Duke

i have a pogo stick, I can only do 4

Amaya Pugh

Toby can I Get the thing that you had on your arm in basketball stereo types

Shah Ryar Khan

what a game of this boy.. 😍😍

"He's going to be a father soon....."

that one asian YT

F in the chat for the guy at the end 😅


Latasha Edwards

I might not like Golden state well said Steph but we all have to know u have to Love God More than anything Get well soon KD

M hassaan



They are lucky because they were aloud to meet him

legon ca

I guess It s an older video

Atlass YT

this is fake because he didnt add 3 stripes he bought them from karhu

Duduzin_16 Ruzza

Song ?

For uf Xyxyx

I would have killed myself 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ali sade

like always is great mate thnx


D backs all day

Colby Patrick

One's named after a rock, one's named after an amphibian, one's named after food, and one's named after a mammal, all birthdays in June

Peter Chen

He found a box turtle



Colleen Courtoreille

Im a girl but the only boy thing I have is long slenderman legs


The tower shot


Can you imagine if Henry was grown up Ash after a name change? Oh, wait, that's false. Ash does not age...

Or uh well you are the one who has a face that only a mother could love. Ya don't know the right emoji to use😐😑


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