Why your Job Applications are getting ignored. | Jean-Michel Gauthier | TEDxBITSPilaniDubai - YouTube

Too familiar with sending resumes and getting no response? Check this video out to see why your job applications are getting ignored and what you can do about it.Revolutionising job opportunities across the UAE, our next speaker is Jean-Michel Gauthier, the CEO of InternsME.com. He founded his first startup in 2007 and is definitely the only pharmacist ever to successfully launch the world’s fastest PC in the UAE. Jean also manages Eternal Venture’s fund which has made 3 portfolio investments within its first year of operation.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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best easter Eggs youtube channel

Chicken Breast

My mom and dad doesn't understand me the way I want them to and I still feel like no one understands me and that they never will.

Jhoan Valbuena

my favorite situation its when the tall guy wants a hi-5 and the short guy didt even care

Margaret challita

The dunk shot

Jamison David

"Look at all those chickens!!"

yug upadhyay


Jermaien Richardson

panda is so chill

Jahnton Butterstump

Next time it should be punch it head squeeze

Samantha Mok

I know that baked bacon is the most superior bacon... but there's just something about baked spam that offends the deepest of my Filipino instincts and ancestral heritage. Like, if it's not drowning in its own grease and surrounded by a bed of rice and eggs, what's even the point???

Kitty Cat

nice pistol


Comments She Attacc That phrase: Hey, you never call, how d'you facy going bowling?

MrBit X I

You should do airplane or gaming stereotypes

Ariel ortegon

Me 2018

Amy Smidt

Ty is pan pan panda

Moto Moto

dont worry i live in the hood too



Katara Muroi

Oh gosh!!!!Can't wait for the whole movieeeeee❣️❣️❣️

Timothy Rector

why r they doing this in a tornado!!

*hard time breathing

GachaFam Gabriel

If a bully did that to me i would knee his crotch

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Quaid Daugherty

Twin shot

Johnny Arellanes


Samantha E.

1: Mario song2: OUT ON THE ROOFTOP3: Mary has a little lamb4: say my name?

WarrenBearden 323

Get fucked call of duty

EeeTtt333 Eric

Bijuu said goku drawer draws gohan REEEEEEE DB IS MY FAV ANIME REEEEE

Autumn Barnes

you need to make a baseball stereotypes

Khushbu Dulani

see this is the wall we need


If u go into a building in the multiplayer map standoff the is a notice board and on one of the postet notes it says " Zombies are coming "


Working on that, but there is only like 1 Easter Egg.

Fortnite Beast

Do more stereo types


Megalodon easter egg from battlefield 4.


Nested Menu