Why you should NOT become an engineer (Should I become an engineer?)

Hi guys, this is a little video I made on why you shouldn't become an engineer. This is my first video I've ever made and edited... so it may be a little rough.My apologies.If you have any editing suggestions, please feel free to comment.I made this video because I've currently been unemployed for several months.Combined with the fact that all my engineering friends have spent 6-12 months on average to find a job (with one friend spending 2 years), I decided to make a little informational video to rant against becoming an engineer.Overall, however, engineering is a much better major that the majority of other majors.You should do your own research though.And remember, this information will change with time, so keep that in mind.Feel free to comment about any questions you have on this video or if you would like a video of a certain topic in the future.Thanks for watching!


Saying this now, if any hater says it’s “just a dog” I’m going to stab them :) but I hope you guys feel better. Like Rihanna said “like a diamond in the sky” she’s going to be watching you succeed from the skies. Your baby will always be in our hearts❤️

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