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This our Robot in 3 Days robot just using the Actobotics FTC Competition kit and the Actobotics Cascading X-Rail Kit. You can buy both the kits at servocity.com!The Open CV Library we used was Doge CV. Music: www.bensound.com


yeah most developers recycle their resources. Who cares though, we end up buying them anyways. If we knew how little effort some of there these places like COD just recycled a lot of material and with littler effort people would be pissed. It's like how some techs at vehicle shops charge you 2 hours to do work on your car and really finish in like 10 minutes and scoop up big time on those hours. Same applies to this. What are you going to do? Penalize people for finding shortcuts or experience?

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How do u get raiden?



jake hasten

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I do not understand what happened at the end

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Minute videos, it's 10 minutes


Is this the only Hockey one they did?

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or a rat

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I have been watching for 9 years

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Tommylikestodrawstuff is right!TALK AbOUT VIDEO

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How did they set the slingshot back up ?


Tittle : I helped my best friend cheat

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Its gonna release for the ps4 and xbox and after like freaking years its gonna finally be on the switch ;-;

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your an Legend dude

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this video is leet

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Absolutely fantastic, great job once again.

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whole fidget spinner is so dumb, ehh you Americans... :D

'Maybe I could save money this way'...in other words, she is considering it because she KNOWS he did nothing. She just wants a reason to tick him off.


you did a great job BUT...... you forgot a easy easter egg. the prisoner that stops you from entering right after the black mask part and says "i got my eye on you, BANG" is the villain Deadshot. you run into deadshot later in the game in an optional mission.


Kids in Africa could have eaten the Dunk Tank

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Omg I almost cried

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what is the mystery behind that odd noise in splatoon?!..........

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Why do you never talk in your videos do you just want people to focus on the content or is there another reason? Anyways Love what you are doing and keep up the work

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How ???


I always wonder what is the smell in your kitchen when you cook


So doc Oct is going to be in MCU

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