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Na dziś moja ulubiona zupa czosnkowa, zapraszam :)ZASUBSKRYBUJ KANAŁ ➡➡➡ ➡➡➡ ➡➡➡ ➡➡➡ dużych posiekanych ząbków czosnku 1,5 l rosołu warzywnego4 jajka8 łyżek oliwy z oliwek z drugiego tłoczeniasól, pieprz1 suszona czerwona papryczka chilli1 łyżka świeżego tymiankuliść laurowy4 kromki czerstwego chleba

SJ Salasek

3:36 to 5:12, Karma BTW

Madison Sobbe

I live in missouri

Holly Henegar




Logan H

Similar concept to Timmy timato and his foooooood batttaaaaaals 🍅 love it

Chappelle HD

is joe really that small or is kuzma that big


So this is why I keep ditching college courses because I don't feel like I belong in whatever field they're about because as a child I wanted to be an Astronaut.

thebossofgaming boss

this is the best

Jannopatrick Mista

20:00 its pretty creepy im curse



Troy W.

Good vids mate! Almost 100,000 views in about a week, and who would dislike this, they're easter eggs.

Mehki Tucker


10.000 subz with no videos

I love how no one believes that JJ's rich

Zoup 4

son:I-I-I’m gay

Lesieli Kali

LITTERALLY I wish I was ANNIE she's like in everybodys songs...


Well, to be honest, I don't fear death, I fear my life, why if I die, all the bad things that i have done are gone forever, and I can live peacefully forever!

Timber Wolf

Why didnt you just get a teamate to rev you he prob had some bandages

Celery Stalk :/


Owen Robertson

Congrats mate 👍 all the best to the three of you !


thats meh ;-;

Amy Rosanova

That tension, though. We all know where this is going. 😅

Odxi Esports

Why tho who needs this just fix r6 siege its so broken

Kv3D Z

Team cory


Elon-Motherfuckin'-Musk :)


Lit Background song



Greyshell Matos

Have you guys seen his recent snap story. Do you guys know what happened?

Romir Arya

who iswatching in 2017


It's real. -.- Why?Look at the ball. It has to be thrown a little to the right because of the wind. Since the distance is so damn far the wind will affect the trajectory of the ball. That's why you see it going to the right then slowly entering the hoop. It is not impossible. It just takes a lot of patience and tries. Thats all.

xd Sythe

3:17 look at the back

Joe Kent

16 or 17


happy new year! :D

Jackoreaper XD

tell me why the music sounds like its gonna make kids kill themself cough-Pokemon-cough

Ash 0215

Garret’s fall tho 😂 😂 😂

Me: So this is what it’s like to be an actual millionaire

Urmomgay Haha

If you like popsicles and like things that look like popsicles... you’ll definitely love popsicles

Six Thunder

I know who panda is he is the recorder

Rachel Yim

if you need a wifey... call me <3

The Duo

I love the “jokester” and the “prankster” one!!😅😂🤣 LoL!

There is starving and sick children out there. Go adopt them and save them from death’s clutches. Give them a place where they can call home. Love and care for them.❤️

Guinea pig lover

Poor Panda

Claydi Lane Willis


walner jm

Kmk ro


i found a reference to episode 5 in walker assualt, you can find the airspeeder luke crashed in and a few footsteps ahead of it you see the AT-AT he climbed onto and destroyed from the inside


Justin Bieber as Drake? Thank god there was an apocalypse

yea ok


Gogo500 Beast

Johnyy sucks now he got suspended from NFL suck dick johnyy

The Darkn1nja05

Canada for the win boys

Asa Asura

True. I gave way too much value to an ex who in the end wasn't even worth my time.


Hello slendy pewdiepie said hi


Nice one bro I actually checked but I could not find it LOL


Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but the rabbit is Max, Sam is a dog.


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