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Meslek Hikayeleri serimizin sekizinci konuğu Made By Sense şirketinin kurucusu olan ve aynı zamanda yazılım geliştirici olarak çalışan sevgili Uğur Arıcı oldu 😍 E-Posta listesi: çay sevmem: OL ► Kahve İnsan'a başvurmak için ► OL ► GİRİŞİMLER ► Hikâyeleri ► Hikâyeleri ► Girişim ► Merkezleri ► Hikâyeleri ► Kahve İnsan hakkında neler dediler? ► ► Ödülleri 2016 ► Arkaları ► Kanallarda Çay Kahve İnsan ► Hakkında İlginç Bilgiler ► Girişimciler ► MacLeod sanatçısının Funk Game Loop adlı şarkısı, Creative Commons Attribution lisansı (altında lisanslıdır.Kaynak: takip etmeyi ve abone olmayı unutmayın :)

Ted Key

film in the grand canyon

Eric Wotton

I guess I don't really see what he did wrong. Looked like he was trying to help... No?


It doesn't hurt my eyes anymore! I'll finally get to play it!

haidy florita

Wow its so inspiring ❤️

John Cena

My lil sis was born 4 months too early she’s in year 5 but she does Year 3 work

zara !!

i’m sorry but he knew she was an emotional wreck over his decision and still continued?? trash

Alex Catalan

You guys are the beast

Paola Baque

Hagan nuevas peliculas de avenger para este 2019 2020 2021

Syafiqah Razali

how about burj khalifa.....dubai towerhihihihi

ToastedButterBrony _

PONIES!!!!!!! :D

Kursat Korkmaz

The broken earow is your trick shot earows

El Carlos

Nice video Guru. Just one small detail, the name of the hotel where Jack Torrance worked was the Overlook.

Me when I realized she is Jk Rowling:Oh she wrote Harry Potter? Oh well I feel stupid now lol


Great video FUCK who are you again when did i sub? meh Great shit anyways

Sun Star

... ummmm

Davros Darlek

The family guy part killed me

Sumit Karmoker

It was epic and I didnt expect the ending would be so tragic!

" Why did u do that?!" "WhicH pIecE dO yoU waNnA be dAwg?"

Squid Sister Callie

How long it took for Garret to get that water bottle off the basketball hoopv

Snapped And Snatched

Yep...Everyday at school. Everyone that passes by me is better than me😭

Geronimo DG

makes my day better

Panda Lover

The same girl from the video i lost my weight

Evan Ambrosio

i am a huge fan of dp


I have to point out that all of your videos have been really well edited lately. Really small things like Tim's eyes popping big for a second when asking "What kind of Ditto was that??" are really subtle, little things but awesome.


MLB greatest plays

Show the panda

My favorite viewer For sure

I missed you dad

Jay Raut

I love the rage monster in ecery video

Creepy Kid

keep the series up guru. Its always fun seeing what secrets are hidden in the games. Btw. You told us about a Q&A. Do you have more information about when you want to do it?

Rayaan Janjua

coby is the best of all tyler y do u always wimln


why am I crying?


ad am

One question, is it free2play for all who buyed r6 or is it just a new game?!


wow... people in this world are dark and corrupted

Jun Sim

Does anyone know the name of the song played in the video?


you inspire me dp


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