You Must Believe! Motivational Video

You Must Believe | Motivational Video by Fearless Motivation.If you don't believe in yourself you will NEVER achieve your true potential in life.This track and album "FEED YOUR MIND WITH SUCCESS" will be live on all major music platforms 18th May 2017. You can download or stream here:iTunes: Music: Must Believe! Motivational Speech" by Fearless MotivationFollow Fearless Motivation:Facebook: (First Track): Chris Ross, Freddy Fri: (Second Track) Freddy Fri: for both speeches: MOTIVATION Official Apparel & Merch store: MUSIC by Fearless Motivation Instrumentals:iTunes: MP3 Download: details for music and speech use: Comment, Subscribe :)*** WANT TO USE THIS TRACK IN YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO? NO PROBLEM! Click here for full details:

Wheteva K

Her voice is so annoying

Jake Davidson

Don't think I didn't see that 'gurukid groceries'

Definitely the inventor of democracy was very stupid and brainless and its supporter’s rational balance has deteriorated and those vision and insight have gone far too long leave.

The Secret

For me best dunk is double beetween the legs

ironheartgirl 102

You should do one that is last to leave the bed challenge or a food challenge and Chandler whoul win yaaaaa and I want that to happen and he could win the money plz two more challenges plz and do them he's good at times two plz or I'll cry😝😭😭😭😭😭😭👌👍

Mi Cuenta

Quien me dice brrrrrrrrr

Lit Fisher

Who’s watching 2019 like if so

Ck Stifler

Omfg. I didn't notice until you reverse the zombie . WTF!

Bret Foy

are you ever going to do a face reveal?


But no, you had to make it second to last.

Thousand Sons


sph emerie

How many of u have watched the original lol I did


Goro Akechi

I was diagnosed with BPD by the time I was 18, I'm older now and I realised that BPD wasn't my issue it was the fact that alot of my friendships and relationships were toxic and because I knew they were I'd try to do something about it, convincing people that I'm crazy and neurotic. Which I internalised and started feeling delusional . I learned not to give my time to toxicity and build relationships that are based on mutual respect. I can trust a person who doesn't have intentions with me. I feel like I barely meet the criteria anymore the only time I'm having a bad time is usually from outside sources instead of from internalised crap now. Gotta learn to love yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company more really helps with these kinds of issues.

Noah Jones

You guys are amazing I wish I could ever be that good with a bow

Indiyia Dean


TAMIRAT be the exception

yes he wll win

Марина Нилогова

Ты умеешь говорить по русски


I mean, mine is still buying milk at the shops.

animal_gamer 7

The world doesn’t change people don’t or refuse to understand others and hate different people, sadly it’s true

Dominick Rizzi

I think Cody would be the nerd guy

rutik patel

dp is the best

Ramses production

"south" korea would liek to know your location

Hydrohydroxic Acid

3 things you missed:


I have done many testes about if I have anxiety disorder and it said positive on all of them. But its not that its that I really have been thinking about it lately and I know now I have it but I can't tell my parents because I feel like they don't believe it. I said about something similar before but mom didn't believe me not dad either and I have tried to explain but they still don't believe me. I don't know what to do and I have kept this secret for years.

vicky odeyemi

When it said cheated I thought it meant like cheated on a test lol,😅;)

Octavio Hernandez

Do you think Ish will be important in Last Of Us Part II? I think he might a protagonist and help Ellie or maybe he'll help Ellie and Joel. Maybe like Sam and Henry he might die. Just a thought.

M Medina

As soon as she said that the book was about a boy wizard I was like ... wait ... isn't that Harry Potter ... wait ... is she J.K. Rowling so I scroll through the comments and I'm like yup I was right😎

Taylor Brown


Riley Rupard

what are they useing

Me but i have seen it

MNL 2332

panda maylem

Ethan jacob Mendoza

Do Swimming stereotypes

Erick Marin


gopala krishnan

Trick shots girly

Tophat Jones

if you really think about it, that truck tells a sad story, a teen drives the truck as we can tell from many hints in toystory 1 (music, driving experience, ect) and we see it in monsters inc and bugs life outside a run down mobile home, i think it tells the story of a boy trying to support his mom by getting a job and giving up on school (gathered from the way he talks in monster inc assuming the child wearing  the possible work hat is indeed the driver of the truck),presumably because his father left  (hence why he had  to call his mother in to deal with randal in Monsters inc instead of a dad who statistically should have been much stronger and capable of dealing with  a reptilian intruder, plus the work vehicle was outside so all family members who had a job should be present in the house at that time) plus the house is obviously in poor condition, which can occur when someone is depressed and just stops caring ( say like a single mother who just got ran out on by a dead beat dad)


starts to message MatPat

(Please help her)!!!🥺🥺🥺

Sascha Nalivkin

Fucking love hotline


I've been having a panic attack for two days, I really need help but my parents don't believe me

yakult pen


See, if you put yourself her shoes, you would see that she was fired for trying to be helpful. Then, she got drunk, and woke in the jerks house. Wouldn’t you be extremely mad as well if he said he “saved you” and didn’t “kidnap” you to his (unknown) house?

TJS Archer

whos panda????? im DYING to know!!!!

Cole Allen

they should do a lacrosse one

Jordan Cronan

I like this story



Praveen Paasam Arunachalam


Canyon Golde

Part 2 please, I really love these!

Ella Webb

Hey whenever I go to the beach I go to Destin too

YT QuickZY

I’m not eating while watching this vid I’m drinking CHA TIME🥰🥰


Nested Menu