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Hi everyone. Today I want to show you yummy spong gourd soup cooking. Spong gourd has been growing over coconut tree at the back of my house in which some are ripe and some are young enough for soup today that I decied to pick it for cooking. So let's enjoy together. Thank you.More yummy cooking:Yummy Wild Rambutan Leaves Soup Cooking - Wild Rambutan Recipe - Cooking With SrosCrispy Chicken Drumstick - 6Kg Chicken Drumstick Frying - Cooking With SrosUrchin Grilling Recipe - Urchin Cooking - Cooking With SrosMonster Sea Snail Salad Cooking - Monster Sea Snail Cooking - Cooking With SrosHorseshoe Crab Salad Cooking - Horseshoe Crab Cooking - Cooking With SrosCrispy Pork Frying Recipe - Crispy Pork Cooking - Cooking With Srosabout me : Twitter :

Yeetus Fetus

Grate vid guys

Ahmed Ghazwan

That (Big) part was hilarious, very accurate reaction. XD


Trophy looks like a penis lol

Fabio Lanzoni

I'm kind of excited. But wary... When money is being thrown at big actor names to draw 'hype' you take budget away from the actual game itself. And this being backed by EA is extremely dis-concerning



Alex Alvarado


Dont touch yourself


Mr Jumpy.

Cheat Mania

I hope she will die soon

just COOK

wait. A mirror can make you autistic?

Angel Barrios

i only can say to you: another great funny video, bro

Ariana Gomez

Look,I’ve kept it all too much together. I am used to use exaggerated confidence to mask some issues,but I can’t bear it anymore. Even though for me it’s hard to be vulnerable I must do it,for my sanity and for everything.

Mayra Ventura

Quien las escucha todos los dias den like que pronto seran millonarios 👅👅😝✌✌😛

Ray Drake

Is it alright to cry......... I want to cry right now I'm so happy

Mohamad Nour

this game was made to save the playstation

Ian Han

I’m going to London in 2 days!

Louis E Nelson Jr

coby coby coby

Shak B

Anyone really hoping Anna gets powers like of Air or something?!

Marcus and Martinus

I like=1medical assistant for panda


Main point of video meat is only healthy if eaten 2-3 times a week thanks for stating the obvious 😂

Andrew Friedl

Where part 2

Seboo TheGreat

Attack with Mariusz Wlazly or Matthew Anderson is 100-120 mph ;)


That last EE is best EE ever XD

Boys Hickey



Now it has become more than an Easter egg

Jacob Bates

What does unused easter eggs mean? Unused in what?

Darren Ye

do you play left 4 dead 2


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